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Lucas Duda Breaks Wrist; Mets Break Off Relationship With Bay


Well this has certainly been an interesting week for the Mets outfield.

On on hand, we have LF/RF Lucas Duda breaking his wrist while moving furniture and now Jason Bay has been thrown to the curb like a cheating girlfriend.  Both of these happenings will have a significant impact on how this team moves forward.

Lucas Duda broke his right wrist while moving furniture in his apartment. Luckily, the Mets say he will be just fine and ready for spring training.

First the Lucas Duda situation.  Duda was moving furniture and fractured his right wrist.  The Mets say he will be fine and 100 percent come time for sprint training.  That’s all fine and dandy.  I’m glad Lucas will be fine, but many fans believe that what value Duda had on the trade market, took a massive hit.  Who’s going to want to trade for a guy who has a broken wrist?  I’m not sure too many GM’s would be willing to take that chance.  Personally, I still have high hopes for Duda and hope he’s still in a Mets uniform come opening day.

Hi I’m Jason Bay. Thanks for your $66 million. Bye-bye.

Now for the bigger news.  Today the Mets released Jason Bay.  This move might even be more relieving for the fans than when Ollie P and Louie Castillo were released.  No longer will there be the Ghost of Jason Bay, hitting into 6-4-3 double plays.  I say the Ghost of Jason Bay because by the end of the season, he was nearly as white as a ghost.  I’m not sure if it was the concussion issues or what, but his skin complexion was nearly transparent.  According to Anthony DiComo’s twitter post, the money owed to Bay will not be deferred a lone time.

It seems as if this move will help the Mets gather up as much money in the kitty as possible to hopefully sign David Wright and R.A. Dickey to new contracts.  This move had to be more than just financial   By removing Bay from the clubhouse, there will be a breath of fresh air and no obligation by Terry Collins to play him.

UPDATE November 7th 7:18 pm: The total payout to Bay will be $21 million – his $16 million salary for 2013, his $3 million buyout for 2014, and the $2 million remaining on his original $8.5 million signing bonus, according to Newsday.

Along with the Duda and Bay news, the New York Post’s Ken Davidoff wrote that he believes that free-agent OF and drug user, Melkey Cabrera, will sign a 1-year $4 million deal with the Mets.  Davidoff has Cabrera ranked as the 5th best free-agent OF on the market.  When all is said and done, I guess I wouldn’t care if Cabrera was patrolling right or left field for the Mets next year.  He’ll probably either hit .240 or .320.  There will be no .285 out of this guy if he plays for the Mets.  If he’s motivated and has a great, non-PED induced year for the Mets I’ll be very happy.  Especially if we can deal him at the deadline and not overpay him after the season.

One small note.  OF Fred Lewis was removed from the 40-man roster last week.  I’m a little surprised by the move considering he had a very nice year at Buffalo (.294 with 13 home runs and 45 RBI in 419 at-bats).  With how little depth we have in the OF, I would have liked to keep Lewis in the fold.

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