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You Mad, Bro? It’s Always Salty In Philly


From SB Nation’s “The Good Phight:”

  • It has begun with a single. Hamels vs. The Mets”
  • Days like this I miss Big Pelf.”
  • Hamels is really laboring here. Lots of deep counts.”
  • It’s Hamels vs. the Mets.”
  • Howard on pace to finish June with 29 HRs”
  • Nothing’s more frustrating than a 3905234 pitch at bat that ends with the batter reaching base.”
  • LOL Mike Schmidt “Take velcro out of the game.” Love it.”
  • I think they’re being excessively conservative in their approach to Travis D’Arnaud with 2 outs and RISP.”
  • The length of that at bat was Papelbonesque.”
  • I really hope this one goes 14 too…so we can see Aumont and Jimenez in action and enjoy the awesome PHing abilities of Tony Gwynn.”
  • “Holy fucking shit this team is bad at literally everything.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Domonic Brown.”
  • Dom should have taken that football scholarship to Florida.”
  • Oh jeez, this is going to go to extras, isn’t it?”
  • MOAR FREE BASEBALL!!!!!!! yeah”
  • This is the goddamn weekend from hell.”
  • “So that’s what it looks like to see a 3B make a tough play.”
  • Aumont pitching. I have a feeling this cannot end well.”
  • “At least we can answer the age-old question: what will it take for Aumont to actually pitch in a major league game? The answer is 39 innings of baseball in 3 days.”
  • What a shock, Aumont has NO IDEA where the ball is going.”
  • Neither do the Mets.”
  • At what point does Jamie Moyer come in to pitch?”
  • Fuck You Aumont”
  • Bench players can do that?”
  • Aumont does what pretty much everyone thought he’d do.”
  • The Duda bides.”
  • “Can you option somebody down mid inning?”
  • “Let’s look at the other remaining Cliff Lee trade piece:  Tyson Gillies, 2014, age 25 (AAA): 36 games, 151 PA .222/.282/.311 3 SB 2 CS 2 HR. Welp.”
  • Oh god, is Schmidt really making the argument that a home run is a rally killer? I hate that line of thought.”
  • “Fuck you Dom Brown And Aumont”
  • This is sad. The only good thing I can see is RAJ get fired.”
  • Well, that sucked.”
  • I need to drink moar alcohol. Have a nice night all!!!!”

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