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You Mad, Bro? Lots Of Dingers


From SB Nation’s “Athletics Nation” blog:

  • “I appreciate that we get to face the Mets. Should be fun”
  • “Playing the NL is like going to the circus, we get to see the strangest of the strange, like an aging Walrus swing a bat.”
  • “Bob Geren at first base lolz”
  • “I like the use of different hued dirt for the batter’s boxes. Keeps batters from erasing them.”
  • I can’t recall anywhere else that does it, but it looks nice and clean tonight, too.”
  • “Who the hell is Eric Campbell? And why is he batting cleanup for the Mets?”
  • “OMG Bob Geren is their 1st base coach. Between him and Colon, it’s like the Ghost of Crappy A’s Past and the Ghost of Awesome A’s Past.”
  • “Can’t forget CY in the outfield. Ghost of Mediocre A’s Past?”
  • “Lots of familiar faces for this series… Bob Geren, Bartolo Colon, Chris Young, Jerry Layne…”
  • “Dana Eveland, Anthony Recker, Sandy Alderson, a shortstop named Tejada …”
  • “So much weak contact, classic ’Tolo”
  • “Fuck you, New York”
  • “It looks like Colon may have…puts on shades …Met his match.”
  • “Colon looks very hittable tonight.”
  • “IS this our first InterLeague game? I suspect that the NL is not ready for the Oakland Athletics… DESTROY THEM!!!”
  • “Any ANers ever been to CITI Field? Is it a nice park?”
  • “Cespedes likes it…”
  • “In other news, pinstripes are not particularly slimming.”
  • “Wow. So this is why NL games are so boring. Feeling blessed that I’m not stuck as a Gnats fan.”
  • “I think I would give anything to see Colon slide into home for a close play at the plate. THE REPLAYSTHINK OF THE SLOW-MO REPLAYS.”
  • “Bartolo’s a 37 pitches. Good news. How’s the Mets’ bullpen?”
  • “Boooo!!!! Also, I don’t really like the Mets announcers.”
  • “Well. It just might be one of those games.”
  • “calm down, its only the second inning”
  • “That’s alright, it’s still early! Freakin’ Empire state bandbox”
  • “fuck you young”
  • “FUCK really, young??”
  • “Ofcourse Chris Young hits a homerun. Of-fucking-course.”
  • “this is not good”
  • “Well this is awkward…”
  • “We should trade for Chris Young….”
  • “d’Arnaud, the one time former hot prospect finally paying dividends, oh wait..”
  • “How to look like a great outfielder by being a terrible one. By Eric Young.”
  • “This place is a band box!!!”
  • “Fucking Eric Young.”
  • “Gotta love Eric Young, totally misplays fly ball, barely catches it, then acts like he is the second coming of Mays.”
  • “He’s in New York…”
  • “Well this game is going to total fucking hell”
  • “We should totally trade for Murphy. I think he is the best realistic possiblity.”
  • “”That’s some serious cream right there.” – Mets broadcasters. Context unnecessary.”
  • “I think I speak for all of us when I say that New York and everyone from there can fornicate themselves with an iron stick.”
  • “We are in the midst of severe trollery”
  • “FUCK OFF”
  • “wow, the fuck is happening?”
  • “”Why, in the Lord’s name, of all the gin joints in the world, discussing all the Lordforsaken games ever played in the world, did I choose THIS one in which to participate?!?””
  • “I mean I guess if you’re gonna lose bad, lose bad to the Mets right?”
  • “guys, I want you to commend you all for getting through the Johnson-Colon matchup like adults”
  • “though, I think next time Johnson should try working Colon up and inside”
  • “Yup. Chris Young can go straight to Hell.”
  • “The Mets look like title contenders If I didn’t watch much of the Mets. Which I can’t be the only one.”
  • “Just start plunking them.”
  • “Our precious run differential :(“

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