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You Mad, Bro? Dillon Gee Delivers


From SB Nation’s “Purple Row” Blog:

  • “I hate Legares”
  • “lol I like him”
  • “I like him when he’s not playing us”
  • “Daniel Murphy has a television. It just doesn’t show enough Nolan Arenado”
  • CarGo is such a lollythrower”
  • “Jhoulys looks….fatter”
  • “Don’t know why we keep swinging on 3-1 counts. Especially when it looks like it could’ve been Ball 4”
  • “much wow dillon gee”
  • “Seriously
  • “Just got home. Retroactive comment on Mets pitcher striking out to end the top of the second: Gee Whiz.”
  • “david wright is pretty good”
  • “the idea that dillon gee is one of the better pitchers in baseball is not one I can wrap my head around”
  • “rockies are going to give up a base hit on purpose to get the mets right where they want them”
  • “I think they’ll be okay. No way Gee is going to shut this team out”
  • “SNY, the giants are not really good, please stop. They’re going to win 90 games with a +8 run differential and be really annoying all season”
  • “These SNY announcers are really good when they’re not just positively gushing over the Giants.”
  • “Remember when Mejia looked awesome last night until the 5th. just saying”
  • “Ugh why do we keep swinging on 3-1 Counts”
  • “Ugh. The pitching on this team is really starting to scare the crap out of me.”
  • “Probably too much to ask for another 8-run fifth. Maybe just a fifth?”
  • “DAMN. Also 15 consecutive scoeless innings from Gee. Impressive.”
  • “check out his month by month ERA last season it’s a chuck nazty like breakout”
  • “KOA just said A majority of the Mets’ walk-off losses last year happened at home”
  • “only one explanation for that: mets”
  • “”the infamous go[e]ldfinger” – the SNY broadcast, just now”
  • “Mets announcers seem really happy that there aren’t too many lame chants at Coors all the time. I agree”
  • “Still within striking distance.”
  • “for sure never count out the mets pulling a mets”
  • “CarGo, Y U keep swinging at BALLS?”
  • “Absolutely horrible AB.”
  • “Lagares makes that look even easier than it was. And it was an easy out.”
  • “How is Dillon Gee shutting us completely down?”
  • “Because he’s a good pitcher”
  • “Not sure who’s been the bigger pest, Chris Young or Lagares or Duda for that matter”
  • “Don’t forget Grandy…”
  • “Also Daniel Murphy? Like damn”
  • “Mets must be scared to use their bullpen”
  • “CarGo is really starting to annoy me.”
  • “Oh cmon Mets what are you scared of Put in Farnsworth”
  • “Holy crap Beltran’s defense on that Myers inside the parker was just disgusting. He legitimately made zero effort.”


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