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You Mad, Bro? Estrada Throws A Stinker


From SB Nation’s “Brew Crew Ball“:

  • “I didn’t even know Daisuke was still in the league.”
  • “Braun steals a base. Boo him New York”
  • “This park is odd. Davis looked like he killed that ball and it went 250ft.”
  • “I’m so sick of watching Overbay hit I could puke. And it’s only June.”
  • “Getting just as sick of Segura’s ground outs to short”
  • “I didn’t know Tommy Lasorda was still alive.”
  • “The Mets don’t hit many HRs. So Marco is here to help them out.”
  • “30 years of baseball and Overbay doesn’t know not to run to third when the ball’s hit on the ground in front of you?”
  • “Nice bit of veteran base-running there.”
  • “Overbay Is depressing to watch.”
  • “Man its grumpy in here. We’re leading the division guys, lighten up”
  • So sick of the “Estrada could be so great if he cuts down on HRs” talk. He can’t. Can not.”
  • “wow, against one of the worst offensive players in baseball, in his first game of the year, he gives up a grand slam”
  • “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand That’s the exact moment I’m done with Estrada.”
  • Turning this game off. Might turn it back on when they tie it up in the 9.”
  • “Overbay. Continuing to confuse me.”
  • “Braun is lost right now. He seems to be 0-2 before he’s out of the dugout.”
  • This is a Mets-like failure by the Brewers.”
  • “The end.”


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