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You Mad, Bro? “Jon ‘Matt Harvey’ Niese The Great”


From SB Nation’s “The Good Phight” Blog:

  • “Go Phillies beat these Muts.”
  • “Oh my God Bernadina is batting lead-off AGAIN.”
  • “Eric Young with “Forever Young” as his walk up music. Nice.”
  • “Niese looks like he could be on Boardwalk Empire.”
  • “As a lifelong Broncos fan, Mets orange and blue just make me sad.”
  • Niese, Wasn’t he the guy on the Mets who was always giving up lots of runs to the Phillies?”
  • “and Big Pelf…miss that mofo”
  • “Hey all! Sorry to be late. Have I missed much?”
  • “nah”
  • “oh wait Matt Harvey has Leukemia and ALS”
  • “plus they are throwing a buncha of cancer kids to the street at CHOP to make room for the Matt Harvey Wing”
  • “You would think his arm was severed in a horrible accident. I mean I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but media making it sound like he needs an arm transplant.”
  • “Young phenom pitchers get all the press. Although being in ESPM Body Mag …..WHOOT.”
  • “I see the Matt Harvey obituary continues.”
  • “Alas, poor Harvey!
    we knew him, Borg_Queen:
    a fellow of infinite fastballs,
    of most excellent breaking pitches:
    he hath borne the Mets on his back a thousand times…”
  • “I saw the LOSMETS.COM thing drawn behind homeplate, and I swear to god I thought it said LOLMETS.COM”
  • “Well, they did trade Marlon Byrd on Marlon Byrd t-shirt night.”
  • “Almost as bad as trading Hunter Pence a week or so before Pence bobblehead night. SNIFF.”
  • “Good news: KK’s arbitration value has gone down significantly”
  • “This is the game I would have expected if Harvey were pitching.”
  • “Harvey using Jedi mind control from the M_ts dugout.”
  • “So far this game is no fun.”
  • “This is Harvey-like. That Jedi thing seems to be working.”
  • “Niese is dealin’…what exactly, i dunno”
  • “Clearly the Ghost of the dead Harvey appeared to him, and demanded that Niese avenge his death…
    (hey…I know this story!)”
  • “Barf.”
  • “Tomorrow has to be a better day.”

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