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You Mad, Bro? Mejia Silences The Redbirds


From SB Nation’s “Viva El Birdos” Blog:

  • “oh no. i get dan and al instead the mets guys.”
  • “What is up with those camo uniforms? Those things are hideous.”
  • “oh, god. Terrible mets unis today.”
  • “Uni Watch is gonna be all over these monstrosities”
  • “i’m not sure i can take those mets unis for 3 hours.”
  • “e.y. jr. and granderson 1-2..?”
  • “they get back to the dugout very quickly”
  • I can see the ball flying around and the Cardinals but there doesn’t seem to be an opposing team. This is so confusing.”
  • “Mets announcers think we took a step back from last year to this year. Um…”
  • “Apparently not resigning Beltran was a big mistake. LOL”
  • “Where was the love when he was in NY?”
  • “So Mejia is nasty”
  • “If you squint you can kind of see a good Mets team down the road”
  • “Harvey, Wheeler, Mejia, Syndergaard, Niese.”
  • “You have to squint a lot harder while they are hitting”
  • “The Met’s announcers, man. This is what Hell is like. I just know it. The first time that Peter Bourjos was mentioned, his last name was pronounce “Boor-hos.””
  • the Mets’ announcers have been godawful tonight.”
  • Why did the Mets steal the Padres terrible uniforms?”
  • “Can a name be younger than Young Jr? Like, maybe Lil Youngest Jr or something?”
  • “Why are we losing? To the Mets?”
  • “Mets radio guys are good. Was stuck in car with XM the first 3 innings. But yeah, their TV guys suck out loud. Didn’t hesitate with my announcer choice, even knowing it’s an Al night.”
  • “No way mets announcers are great. Cohen and Hernandez are much better”
  • Do we buy into Mejia being this good? Or is he getting lucky. BABIP and FIP change constantly, and I can’t tell, and don’t know enough to know how to tell.”
  • “I think he is pretty decent….he came up early and had an injury but he gets lost After Harvey wheeler and Syndergaard. And Niese shoved it up the cards’ asses last summer”
  • He’s either “finally putting it together” or just facing an offense that couldn’t hit its way out of a wet paper bag right now.”
  • “Tejada is making this game less fun”
  • “Wish we played defense like this.”
  • “I’m not sure Jhonny even leaves his feet for that”
  • “Where is Wright’s giant helmet?”
  • “these asshat announcers…are just looking to criticize something new instead of considering that they might not currently possess all available baseball knowledge.”
  • “Hey, they didn’t do it 25 years ago when Darling was a player…therefore it can’t be a good idea.”
  • “Darling is the one I really dislike. Vapid and bad accent”
  • “Those electric spandex blue and desert khaki unis …are they purposely trying to sting their opponents retinas to increase their chances of winning?”
  • “I can’t believe alderson signed grandly and young”
  • “these mets announcers…dear sweet GOB, save me”
  • “Mejia complete game…………….”
  • “Our bench sucks”
  • “god this bench is TERRIBLE”
  • “Guess we learned nothing from last year’s playoffs”
  • “Where is the offense? Holy hell. This is frustrating.”
  • “How many grand slams will Ike Davis hit against the reds this year?”
  • “Mets pitching looks nasty tonight”
  • “this game sucks”

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