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You Mad, Bro? Mets Beat The Phillies…Eventually


From SB Nation’s “The Good Phight“:

  • “At the game. Far too many M_ts fans here. Also KK not looking too good right now.”
  • “That damned “Let’s Go Mets” chanting is way too loud.”
  • “So annoying”
  • OK so it’s not just me. This is extremely uncomfortable.”
  • “Kendrick. Completely sick of watching him pick, I get it’s his job as the #4/#5. But he shouldn’t be on this team moving forward. Obviously he has no trade value, but I really hope he’s not re-signed. Completely stupid to spend around eight million dollars on a guy with a career era over 4.30.”
  • We are a black hole at 3 rd.”
  • Resistance is futile.”
  • Good grief Kyle. Stop sucking.”
  • “Who is this guy? The name sounds Dutch. Is he another Bert Blyleven?”
  • He’s definitely rockin’ the Dutch Boy hair. Phils r eatin the paint chips
  • Some OFFENSE would be nice.”
  • Bobby Abreu with a .327 / .404 / .510 triple-slash, albeit in the SSS of 56 PA’s. Why can’t our GM ever find a guy who can get on base like that for our bench?”
  • Why not send up a pinch hitter who can…y’know…hit?”
  • Like Bobby Abreu?”
  • Phillies help Mets’ pitcher set new record for strikeouts in a game. Mmmkay.”
  • I can’t stick around but holy fuck is Sandberg dumb!”
  • Stop delaying the game Recker”
  • Damn New York catchers.”
  • “At least we have this
  • Keep hitting lazy fly balls Recker”
  • Jesus Christ, Recker”
  • Posada didn’t do it this often but he was more annoying.”
  • Sandberg being stupid? Shocking.”
  • motherfucker”
  • Assface”
  • “Bastard. O.”
  • can we just award the loser of this game last place this season and get it over with?”
  • “I hate Bastardo..”
  • “Walk-tardo!”
  • remember when bastardo was good? (hint: this is a joke)”
  • “OMFG! Please, get rid of Bastardo..i dont give a shit if hes lefty, he cannot pitch. He doesnt deserve to be in the MLB.”
  • Bastardo needs to get sent to A-ball”
  • I’ve heard of players being less than the sum of their parts, but Revere’s parts don’t add up to very much to begin with.”
  • “Fu**! So many chances.”
  • I just got home and noticed Buddy Carlisle got the win. LOLOLOLOLOLOL how is he still pitching?”
  • “The Mets”

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