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You Mad, Bro? Queens Bombers


From SB Nation’s “Pinstripe Alley“:

  • “Please Yankees. Make the shitty taste of yesterdays go away. Plus I’m still bummed out about Jose Fernandez.”
  • Bean… Young?”
  • Nuno sucks so much balls”
  • Christ, we’re two batters in.”
  • “Soooooooooo…. The saga continues……………Please stop sucking Yankees.”
  • Just remember Curtis, you get to go back to Citi Field tomorrow!!!”
  • Can we just pitch Tanaka every day?”
  • I hate how Sterling says Duda. “DooDAH”. Fuck this game.”
  • Dat slide, Jeter.”
  • This has gotten predictable.”
  • “I see I missed a real shit show so far”
  • Wow, baseball games are longer than a half inning!”
  • Screw this team. I’m done.”
  • Pitchers duel…”
  • “Melky Cabrera leads all hitters, and Aramis… uh… Alexei… uh……. the guy in Chicago is in 2nd.”
    -a thing Suzyn Waldman actually just said on a professionally produced radio broadcast”
  • “Damn you Murphy”
  • “Whaaaa?! The Mets aren’t allowed to make nice plays, are they??”
  • Wheeler vs Nuno! Who makes it to the fourth inning!?”
  • “One good thing The Yanks are not wearing those BP hats.”
  • “Oh for fucks sake. Bean that man!”
  • Should of beaned”
  • Now I’m no genius, but if they had beaned Wright he’d only be on first base.”
  • “oh my God. It’s Aceves. Run! Run for your lives!”
  • “This team finds new ways to be disappointing every night.”
  • That was a real stinker you deposited on the mound, Nuno”
  • The Mets are this team’s kryptonite the past two seasons.”
  • “Fuck this game.”
  • I’m trying to figure out how I can combine alcohol with birthday cake.”
  • Just shut it all down.”
  • “Dice K up. So not only could we make an awesome comeback…but we can do it off Dice K AND the Mets. Do it!”
  • Wheeler just wants us all to have hope. What a swell guy.”
  • “LOL they’re leaving Wheeler out there.”
  • New rule: no one can stand on first when Jeter is batting.”
  • “New rule: Jeter must take every pitch he sees. That might have have been ball 3.”
  • Derek Jeter: Ladykiller, Rallykiller”
  • “So much fail. My eyes hurt.”
  • This game sucks.”
  • “This is such fucking bad baseball”
  • “Oh fuck off. Fucking moonshot to Daniel Murphy.”
  • “I’m with 28 (hours until this game ends)”
  • “Suzyn Waldman: “Daniel Murphy is the Mets best hitter because he doesn’t take pitches.” /aneurysm” 
  • “This game needs to have a pillow pushed down over its face.”
  • Last Yankee win over the Mets was almost two years ago. The winner was Boone Logan. The loser was Miguel Batista.”
  • “I have… things… In Manhattan tomorrow.” -John Sterling”
  • “Tejada must be terrified of Wilmer Flores. He has suddenly re-animated”
  • Stadium is empty. Looks like 1st inning crowd at Citi.”
  • It’d be really nice if this was the beginning of McCann breaking out of his ineptitude.”
  • Christ, is this game still going on?”
  • “Mercifully, it ends. Ugh.”
  • Save us Tanaka – you’re our only hope.”
  • “shitfest over. Yankees lose. THUUUUUH Yankees lose.”
  • This team is in a shambles.”

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