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You Mad, Bro? Ruben Tejada: Mother’s Day Hero


From SB Nation’s “The Good Phight” Blog:

  • “Can Phils get one run off Niese?”
  • “I’m inclined to skip Hamels when the Mets come around. Like we moved the rotation around for Moyer and the Marlins but like, opposite.”
  • “Niese is dealing.”
  • “david blight, you lost that battle”
  • “hot damn, Byrd on firah. LOLMETS!”
  • “Cole caught lolly gagging to first. Talk to him Ryno.”
  • “Ump squeezing again”
  • LOL Grandy is garbage”
  • Dice-K “Human Rain Delay” Matsuzaka on the mound.”
  • “How sweet is it when Wright strikes out looking?”
  • “I like Wright so that makes it that much more enjoyable. I detest the Mets. Loathe.”
  • “Bastardo warming up. We need Moar runzs NOW!”
  • “Good grief.”
  • Take him out, do not talk to him!”
  • Antonio Bastardo: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”
  • Thanks for nothing Bastardo. Bet the Mets send you a nice gift basket.”
  • I can’t watch.”
  • Tied game. Bastardo sucks.”
  • “Domonic Brown rolls one to the right side.” That’s my new meditation mantra.”
  • “Are you kidding me? I take off at the end of 8 to run a few errands and I come back to this?”
  • Met announcer says Dom has a poor arm and takes forever to throw it.”
  • Smoking too much weed.”
  • Was he throwing at Utley?”
  • Is that 3 days in a row of Utley getting HBP now?”
  • Mother fucker”
  • This is not going to end well.”
  • Oh for fucks sake, BABIP fairy this is not the damn time.”
  • Tejada hits the Phils like he is Pete Rose.”
  • Ruben Tejada with the long single over the pulled in outfield <- calling this.”
  • That sucked worse than Nix.”
  • That is saying a lot.”
  • I need Moar alcohol.”

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