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Meet Ty Kelly: Mets Infielder and YouTube Sensation


The newest New York Met Ty Kelly joined the Daily Stache for a quick Q&A about his background, why he signed with the Mets and his expectation for the upcoming season.

You can find his interview below.

Why did you sign with the Mets? What’s appealing to you?

They showed a lot of interest in me at the very beginning of the free agency period and I would be crazy not to want to go to a team that was just in the World Series and has a core of young talent returning to try for another great season. Terry Collins called me and said there were opportunities for someone like myself who can switch hit and play multiple positions. I told him all I was looking for was an opportunity like that to hopefully play well and make my way on to the big league team.

When someone asks, what’s Ty Kelly’s strength, what would you tell them? What’s your Ty Kelly scouting report?

Versatility has always been my strength. I can play anywhere on the field and I also switch hit. I’m patient at the plate, and have 7 years of experience in the minors playing both infield and outfield.

How can you improve?

Consistency is the biggest difference between big leaguers and minor leaguers, in my opinion. I hope this year I am more consistent than ever and play up to my full capabilities for the entire season.

What are you most looking forward to in New York? Have you tried the pizza, bagels or coffee?

I have been to New York City once when I played against Staten Island in 2009. I had the pizza but didn’t get to try a lot else. I’m looking forward to getting the full experience.

Who did you grow up rooting for? Who was your favorite player? Why?

I grew up in Northern California so I was a big Giants fan. I also was a 90’s kid so I grew up with the Braves on TBS everyday and always liked Chipper Jones because he was a switch hitter.

For fans who may not know, what’s it like to continue playing and clawing in the minor leagues to hopefully get the call to the big club?

There’s no question the minor leagues are a grind. The travel is difficult and the conditions aren’t always ideal, but, for someone like myself, I feel very lucky to continue getting opportunities to perform at Big League Spring Training and in AAA because I know I can play well enough to put myself in the right spot for a call up. All that’s left is to play well at the right time.

Do you have a hidden talent? Tell me something most people don’t know about you.

I play the guitar and sing a little. I have a YouTube channel where I have a few videos. “Urboytk11” is the username. Just a quick shameless plug. I haven’t posted in awhile so I think I may make a comeback soon.

What do you make of the run the Mets made in 2015? Do you think they’re capable of getting back to the World Series and maybe even winning it?

Their rotation was unbelievable. For David Wright to only get a few hundred at bats and still get to the World Series says something about the depth of the team and has to make everyone excited for next year. There’s no question they could win it. They just ran into a Royals team, this year, that was World Series experienced and clicking at the right time.

Finish this sentence. In 2016, the New York Mets will…

…win 3 more playoff games than last year.

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