By: Michael Ganci

Mets fans should be excited, but yet we’re sad


This is supposed to be an exciting time. By now, most years, we would be learning of the finalized roster that would meet the Washington Nationals in Queens on Thursday for the season opener. Heck, I purchased tickets to 11 games already, get there’s a chance I might only get to go to some, or maybe even none. 

I actually wasn’t going to be attending the opener. I had to work, which means I would’ve been following the game and the live bets via the Sports Interaction app. But now, not only is there no Mets baseball, but I am cooped up in my basement apartment with my wife and dog pleading for some sort of Mets distraction.

Even though I am working, I find myself roaming to YouTube to find the most random Mets-related videos. Yesterday, I would up seeing Cookie Rojas, the former Mets’ third base coach, go absolutely nuts after the umpire wrongfully called a Darryl Hamilton line drive foul during the 1999 National League Division Series. Not only did Rojas get ejected, he shoved third base umpire Charlie Williams during the altercation. You can watch the clip below.

Now, I know a lot of Mets’ classics are being played on SNY, but it’s simply not the same. Just ask this little girl we wrote about yesterday about watching old games. It doesn’t get our baseball juices going like the thought of a new season. 

I understand completely that this COVID-19 situation is about more than just baseball. People are losing their lives. We are taking the term social distancing much more seriously. Heck, I just canceled a friend hangout with two guys I see all of the time because my wife was uncomfortable with me going…and she’s probably right. 

We need to find a way to keep each other smiling during this difficult time, and when it comes to the Mets and smiling, I have to dig into the past a big. Let’s talk about Bartolo Colon. Funny story…and this actually may be a bit sad. The highest viewed post in the history of the Daily Stache is when Bartolo Colon fell down before a World Series game. You can check it out by clicking here

Keep smiling Mets fans, and help your loved ones smile too. We need to be there for each other.

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