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Mets’ Management Insults Fans’ Intelligence


The last couple of off-seasons, many of us have entertained the possibility that the Mets would be daring and take a shot, only to be disappointed on a year-to-year basis.

The biggest signings of recent memory? Well, there’s Jason Bay, Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez and more, but that certainly can’t be blamed on Sandy Alderson. Omar Minaya set us back, but he’s not the only person to blame here.

Hello Wilpons, I am talking to you. It seems like all they care about is the club’s public image, but the problem is, they have no idea how to create a positive one. Let’s take the latest example. This morning, the New York Post published a story about how Mets’ brass met with Robinson Cano’s agent, Jay-Z, last night in Manhattan.

I know many of you got giddy with the “you never know” approach, but there’s one fact here: Robinson Cano is doing what all big-time free agents do — using the Mets to get more money out of the Yankees. And it seems like, even though it happens seemingly on a yearly basis, the Wilpons are blind to it.

We’re not idiots, Fred and Jeff, and we’d appreciate some honesty and respect. Why not just come out and tell us you’re hurting more from the Madoff scandal than you let on. In terms of money, the Mets have always been in the minor leagues compared to the Yankees, as are most teams. But it would be nice if you even had a clue as to how to spend it.

In the mean time, put your seatbelts on and get ready to another offseason train ride to disappointment.

Unless management shocks us. Go ahead…we fans dare you to.

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