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Mets/Pirates Talking Jon Niese for Neil Walker Swap


The Mets and Pirates are involved in trade talks, according to Bill Brink, the Pirates reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The key pieces in the deal would be Neil Walker and Jon Niese.

Here’s a clip:

According to a baseball source, the Pirates and Mets have discussed a deal involving Walker and lefty Jon Niese. Niese, 29, had a 4.13 ERA in 1762/3 innings last season, when the Mets shuffled him around as they vacillated between a five- and six-man rotation. Niese had a 3.49 ERA in 521 innings from 2012-14 in 84 starts.

Would you do it? Both guys will be free agents at the end of next season. Let us know in the comments.

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