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Michael Cuddyer: From Major Leaguer to Little League Coach


Michael Cuddyer’s time as a New York Met wasn’t all that impressive, but he’s certainly contributed to their success.

If you believe in the off-the-field angle and the intangibles, and the fact that he’s a good clubhouse guy, that’s where he was most important. His numbers left much to be desired, and in an age when people often chase the money even if they don’t deserve it, he walked away from the game because he knew his days of being a productive Major Leaguer were over.

His retirement allowed the Mets to re-sign Yoenis Cespedes, and he’ll no longer be regarded with heinous names such as Luis Castillo, Jason Bay, Carlos Baerga and mire. His act of selflessness allowed the Mets to take a step towards their ultimate goal, and for that we should all be grateful.

But what is Cuddyer doing now? He’s returned to his roots, according to an article in the Virginian-Pilot. Check out a clip here:

A 1997 Great Bridge High School graduate, Cuddyer played with Great Bridge Baseball, which evolved into the SCAA. Now his son, a Southeastern Elementary School student, Casey Cuddyer, 7, plays coach-pitch ball (Pinto division) with SCAA, and Casey has his dad and his granddad as assistant coaches of his White Sox team.

In Cuddyer’s speech, he said it was probably his 30th opening day ceremony. He recalled special memories of youth baseball, and cautioned the young athletes that “workouts and practices are very important.” But he wanted everyone to “come out, have fun and love the game.” He wished everyone good luck and said, “Love what you do, like I’ve been fortunate enough to do.”

You gotta love this guy. Check out the whole article by clicking here.

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