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Mike Francesa Calls The Mets Organization “Jackasses”


The New York Mets and WFAN parted ways with each other this past winter as the FAN picked up the New York Yankees as the baseball team they cover while the Mets went to 710 WOR-AM

In response to the change the Mets have reportedly decided that Mike Francesa, the biggest and most powerful radio voice in New York Sports, is not allowed to have his radio show go to Citi Field and do a live remote.

Now it seems, according to Francesa, that the Mets are not only not allowing Mike to go to Citi Field anymore they will not allow anyone from the organization on the show either.

With that, we were graced with this rant from yesterday’s Mike Francesa show on Fox Sports One and WFAN.


Now according to the Daily News…

A team source said the Mets are not “boycotting” WFAN, rather trying to build up their new radio relationship with WOR. The new flagship is not eager to see Mets on the old station, a source said.

Whatever the case may be, Francesa now has even more reason to bash the Mets, which he has done plenty of times in the past, and can give us more laughs at his perceived slight.

Mike’s On but the Mets are not.

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