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MLB Futures Bettors Must Look Back to Remember When the Mets Last Paid Out


The New York Mets once again finished in an underwhelming position in the standings, sitting at a modest third place in the National League East. Their winning percentage of .457 was identical to that of their previous season, and similar still to 2011 (.475) and 2010 (.488).

With the World Series wrapped up and MLB Awards distributed around the league, New York Mets faithful are still waiting for their MLB Futures bets to pay off.

The Mets last won the division in 2006, when they beat the Dodgers, 3-0, in the NLDS, but lost in the NLCS to the Cardinals, 4-3. Fans will remember the year 2000 bitter-sweetly, as the Mets made it to the World Series, only to lose to the Yankees.

They won’t be blaming the teams lacklustre performance for their absence of successful nominations in this year’s MLB Awards, as R. A. Dickey nabbed the Cy Young Award in 2012 despite the team pulling off an identical record.

In fact, Mets faithful have to look all the way back to the 1986 MLB season to peg the last time they won The October Classic, beating out to Boston Red Sox 4-3. That year, Ray Knight took home a pair of accolades as he won both World Series MVP and Comeback Player of the Year.

The team has been mired in a several-season-spanning slump that began just two years after they went all the way to the NLCS in 2006. In both of the seasons following that postseason run, the Mets were eliminated from the playoff race on just the last day of the season.

It’s a tough pill to swallow two seasons in a row, but any faithful fan knows that a team’s luck can change swiftly, and that good fortune will eventually find the Mets once more in the months of October and November.

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