By: Delfim A. Heusler

New York Mets 2016 Exhibition Season begins. Will the year lead to a World Championship.


Now as we start the 2016 Exhibition season for our New York Mets. Many questions arise will at the end of the rainbow, The NY Mets be a World Championship Team. Many signs that lead to the potential, lead to that conclusion with their great young Starting Pitching, the balanced lineup with Yoenis Cespedes and also the additions of Neil Walker and their new starting shortshop Carbara as well speaks to their depth that they have in the lineup as well as their bench and also their revamped bullpen as well. But there also remains other questions, will they live up to their potential with the media hype. I will enjoy doing articles on the NY Mets on the Daily Stache and I look forward to doing an article a week to discuss my favorite team – The NY Mets.

Delfim Heusler

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