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Orioles could Dominate Al East Again if they Beat Yankees


Orioles make supporting them very difficult. And the last two weeks have been especially frustrating. In fact, their performance as of late has been so poor that fans cannot help but wonder whether they will ever win again.

Now, obviously that question is a hyperbole. There is no way the team could lose every single game left in the year. The Orioles can still salvage the season. And if they beat the Yankees tonight, they would have taken the first step to returning to the top of the AL East.

The Yankees are obviously no pushovers and the online sportsbook odds are there to prove it. The Orioles will be sending their ace to the mound. Bundy will be looking for a chance to break his side’s losing streak and give fans a little bit of hope.

Of course, Bundy knows just how much of a thorn in his side the Yankees have been. Though, he hasn’t had nearly enough chances to contend with the side for anyone to make an accurate prediction of his performance this time around. The sample size is too small.

Jordan Montgomery definitely needs watching. Jordan hasn’t been in the big leagues for long, but his short stint has allowed him to standout for his strikeout-heavy arm. In the April game against the Orioles, Jordan’s performance was average. But that doesn’t make him any less of a threat.

Tillman is worrisome. His four starts this year haven’t been anything to write home about. If his lackluster performance against the Yankees on numerous occasions wasn’t bad enough, there is still a lot of skepticism surrounding Tillman’s health.

Like any sport, predicting the performance of a player for any given baseball game is no easy task. Tillman could surprise everyone and deliver a killer performance. Tillman’s past performance is definitely an indicator of what fans and pundits can expect from him in the next game.

The Tuesday night game that saw Tillman face off against Didi Gregorius was very telling; though, anything could happen in the Yankee game.

But it isn’t like Tillman is the team’s only hope. Severino is only twenty-three but he has shown a lot of promise, especially when it comes to head-to-head matchups. Some fans might choose to dismiss him altogether because he didn’t have the greatest start to the year.

There might be reasons why Severino only made it five innings, 6 hits and 4 at Camden; but one couldn’t be faulted for doubting him. Chris Davis and Manny Machado, on the other hand, have delivered splendidly in previous outings. The starters have stumbled on a number of occasions this year. But there is good reason to expect greater things from them.

Gausman is a difficult subject. The early parts of the season did not treat him well. But then he seemed to find his stride on Friday, delivering the sort of crisp performance many used to expect from him but which they thought he might be incapable of reproducing.

When you look at the Yankees’ figures (sixteen hits in 10.2 innings, nine runs in two outings), one must agree that the Orioles have their work cut out for them. Orioles’ fans could try and console themselves with the fact that Tanaka has little hope of making it through a trio of innings, but that optimism doesn’t do much to boost the confidence of their fans.

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