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Ron Darling Signed #TrueNewYorkers Letter But Didn’t Even Read It


Over the past week or so the Mets organization has been widely panned, mocked, laughed at, pitied and the like for their new P.R. campaign of asking #TrueNewYorkers to sign a letter of loyalty to the Mets.

One of original players to sign the letter was former Mets pitcher and SNY broadcaster Ron Darling who when he was being interviewed on WFAN by Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts revealed that he had not even read the letter that he was asked to sign….

“I’ll tell you it this way, because if I explain completely how it went, I’m throwing someone else under the bus,” Darling said Wednesday on WFAN’s “Joe & Evan” show. “I was asked to put my likeness and name to something. I did not read what was going to be put out there. And I think for me to criticize it and to go after it, I’m going to put someone else in harm’s way. So I think I should just put myself in harm’s way.

“I didn’t do my due diligence to read what went out.”

Darling said he first found out about the letter while out to lunch in Philadelphia with SNY play-by-play man Gary Cohen, who received the email and read it aloud.

“It’s on me. It’s not on anyone else,” Darling said. “I put my name on it. I put my likeness on it. I have to live with it.”

– via CBS New York

I mean this whole ordeal has been an absolute joke and now it has reached the level of complete absurdity that one of the players asked to sign it didn’t even read it.

It seems to me that Ron is embarrassed that he is a part of the mess this letter has created and would have loved to read it first and told whatever genius asked him to do this a big old NO to getting his involvement.

As we have said here at the Stache and other fans on blogs or social media, the Mets will see loyalty from the fans when they show the loyalty to us.

Stop trying to run this team like it is a minor league club out in the middle of nowhere and try to actually improve the team on the field instead of trying to make us feel guilty that we don’t support the garbage team we have today.

Good for Ron to come out, admit that he didn’t do the proper vetting process with this, and pretty much say without actually saying it that this was a mistake by the Mets.

By the way? With the sweep by the Marlins on Wednesday the Mets are 1-6 since the letter came out and are back under .500.

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