By: Michael Ganci

Royals Beat Mets in World Series Game 5


It’s official, this long quest with the New York Mets has ended for 2015.

There were a range of emotions throughout the season. At times, the Mets didn’t look like even a Triple-A team, but once the team almost-traded Wilmer Flores and traded for Yoenis Cespedes, Kelly Johnson, Juan Uribe and Tyler Clippard, things changed, and the quest to November was on.

While Yoenis Cespedes went on a home run tear during the season, his miscues will get more attention from the World Series. Whether it was the inside-the-park homer that should’ve been a homer hit by Alcides Escobar or getting doubled off first base to end Game 4, he definitely has moments that make you scratch your head. His raw talent is undeniable though, and it should be interesting to see whether the Mets are serious players to maintain his services.

Daniel Murphy had the most historic home run tear there’s ever been in October, but the Royals figured him out as well. After homering in six straight games, Murphy cooled off, and his defensive flaws proved detrimental, as he muffed two key ground balls, which helped the Royals come back and win Game 4 and Game 5. His impending free agency will be interesting to follow. He’s a man without a position, and due to his lack of power, his market may be lacking. My gut says he will move on, as will Cespedes.

Tyler Clippard was great early in his Mets’ tenure, but there were several moments in the post-season where he was downright ugly. He served up a homer to Kris Bryant of the Cubs that hasn’t landed yet, and he walked two in a row, which set up Eric Hosmer’s game-tying at-bat against Jeurys Familia. Who knows whether Clippard is back? I say no.

Honestly, I think Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson could be back, as they provided valuable depth that can’t be forgotten. Uribe is undoubtedly a winning player, and Johnson plays multiple positions and is a good glue guy as well. I’d like to bring both of them back.

After doing some nifty work to make up this team, Sandy Alderson will need to work some tricks again in the post-season. After what we just saw, you have to have faith, but actions speak much louder than words.

As far as an outlook on the season, it was certainly fun. You can’t discount the Royals. They were the best team in the game, and they were certainly the deepest. If the Mets remodel their bullpen, they can try to replicate their success. It’s hard not to like Kansas City, as they do everything right. Other than the little dust-up with Noah Syndergaard, they’re not arrogant, not obnoxious and they’re just straight-up good.

Congratulations Kansas City Royals, and as far as this year goes, congratulations to the New York Mets. We have plenty to be proud of.

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