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Ruben Tejada Rejects Yankees’ Minor-League Deal Offer


The crosstown Yankees were interested in Ruben Tejada, the recently discarded New York Met who’s in search of a new home, according to

Here’s a piece from the article:

The Yankees could be looking at Tejada as an option for the club’s final bench spot. Manager Joe Girardi has said it’s likely the job will go to a player who can back up third baseman Chase Headley. Tejada has played just 19 professional games at third base — all in the majors — but is considered a good athlete with a strong arm who could handle the position.

Thankfully, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News was told Tejada rebuffed their offer and is said to have a major league contract offer on the table. No word on who it’s from, but my money’s on the Cardinals or Dodgers.

Here’s Feinsand’s tweet:

Can you imagine Chase Utley and Ruben Tejada as teammates? Where do you think Tejada winds up? Tell us in the comments section below.

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