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Shaun Marcum vs The New York Media


The man that most of #MetsTwitter thinks is a piece of trash or the unluckiest SOB on the planet seems to think the Media is asking too many questions of him.

After pitching six innings and only giving up three runs two nights ago, Marcum indicated that he was fine and not injured.

Of course this was contrary to the way he looked on the mound as he seemed to be dealing with something that was bothering him in the Neck/Shoulder/Back area.

Marcum this season has a 1-9 record but has actually pitched a lot better than that and has been both the victim of either one bad inning or unlucky circumstances.

He missed most of spring training and the beginning of the season with a neck injury and does have a history of injuries in his past.

The New York Media, especially the guys covering the Mets have jobs to do and since he had an MRI, they are gonna ask about it.

Are they the best people in the world? No, some can be real jerks as I have pointed out in the past. Others are actually pretty awesome.

The point is that it is their job to ask questions of Marcum when it comes to his injuries. I don’t see the big deal in answering the question but he thought otherwise.

I just kind of wish Marcum had pulled out this gem from the movie “A Few Good Men” when speaking to the media last night.

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