By: Stuart Hack

Would Terry Collins Firing Spark Mets into Playoff Run?


As I write this column, the 2016 New York Mets are sitting at 64-63, 3 ½ games out of the Final Wild Card.

Many fans, sportswriters and Baseball Experts are calling for a Managerial Change. The question is with 38 games left in the season would firing Terry Collins put a spark in this team?

I will look at four other Met seasons where expectations were high; play was subpar leading to a mid-season managerial move. How did the new manager fare in his first 38 games?

1975 – Yogi Berra just a year and a half off a World Series appearance was let go with the Mets at 56-53 in third place 9 ½ games out of first. Injuries derailed the 1974 season but hopes were high going into 1975. Management believed this was a Playoff Team. Roy McMillan took over but in his first 38 games, the Mets were just 18-20. They would finish 82-80 10 ½ games out of first.

1977 – So in 1976, Joe Frazier is the new Met Manager and the team wins 86 games which was the second most (behind 1969) at that time in team history. 1977 ended up being a disaster. This was the final breakup of the World Series Teams. Who remembers the Midnight Massacre? Frazier was let go at the end of May with the team at 15-30. Joe Torre, who was still playing was the replacement. Torre guided the Mets to a 16-22 record in his first 38 games on the way to a last place finish which would be the norm until 1984.

1990 – Davey Johnson took over as Manager in 1984 and finished first or second each year through 1989. By 1990 with the team in fourth place at 20-22, GM Frank Cashen had enough. He fired Davey replacing him with Bud Harrelson. The move started great, in the first 38 games after the change the Mets went 28-10, however the season ended with another second place finish.

2008 – Willie Randolph led the Mets to within one game of the World Series in 2006. However an epic collapse in 2007 was followed by a 34-35 start in 2008. That was enough for the Mets Management and Willie was let go. He was replaced by Jerry Manuel who went 24-14 in his first 38 games. Ultimately it wasn’t enough and the Mets would not make the playoffs until 2015.

As of now the St. Louis Cardinals hold the final Wild Card Spot and are on pace to win 87 games. Is it possible for the Mets to win 87? Yes. If Yoenis Cespedes can put the team on his back and the starting pitching can hold up, maybe the Mets can get that second wild card.

Then in a one game series with the right starting pitcher…..Ya Gotta Believe!

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