By: Michael Ganci

The Mets Have No-Hitters Galore


As I was at a school board meeting tonight, I occasionally peeked at my phone to see what was going on in the Mets’ game.

Not surprisingly, they were losing, as I continued to get alerts as the Giants tacked on to their lead. The score was 5-0 and I figured I didn’t even need to turn the game on, as a loss was a given seeing the lineup Terry Collins is fielding everyday. Then, I am in my backyard with my dog, and I get an ESPN alert saying Chris Heston has a no-hit bid through eight innings. I chuckled, and then ventured inside to check it out.

Surely enough, the Mets didn’t exactly have the legion of boom coming up in the bottom of the ninth, with Anthony Recker, Danny Muno and Curtis Granderson. After Heston hit Recker for his third hit batsmen of the game, he went to work, striking out each of the next three hitters, securing his place as the first road pitcher ever to throw a no-hitter at Citi Field.

No hitters should be a familiar term, and not because of what Johan Santana did. The Mets simply have zero offense right now. Sure, Ruben Tejada’s hot streak was surprising, but besides Duda and Cuddyer, nobody in this lineup invokes the slightest bit of fear. This team has been ravaged by injury, and it’s time management takes a risk and pulls the trigger to bring in reinforcements. Can you even believe John Mayberry Jr., Danny Muno and Eric Campbell are on the same Major League roster?

Yet somehow, this team is still in first place, a place they look likely to hold on with the Yankees beating the Nationals. These teams aren’t going to lose around us forever management. It’s time to be proactive, although that would be totally out of character.

Do me a favor — shock the world.

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