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The mood of Mets fans is on the rise!


What a difference a few days make. Last week I was ready to stage a rally and storm Citi Field in anger over the non-action by Mets’ management. Not a week later and I am breathing at a normal, healthy rate again. Well-done Sandy.

I’ve had countless non-Mets fans say to me the last two days, “Big deal, you guys got two fringe players.” Sure that may be true. Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe are not the sexiest names out there, but they are a whole lot more attractive than the names that were filling out the Mets’ daily lineup card. Just having two actual MLB caliber players on the field, as opposed to the Quadruple A level talent that was littering the lineup, can have huge implications. Anyone who’s followed this team this year knows that with the Mets’ pitching it doesn’t take a lot, but it does take something.

Combined with the Conforto call-up, Mets fans had a reason to get excited this weekend, and look how fast it began to pay off. Conforto had a huge 4-4 game Saturday and has looked solid at the plate, even against the likes of Zach Greinke. Kelly Johnson was here for about 5 minutes before he started contributing offensively. Juan Uribe showed Mets fans Sunday that the team can count on him, delivering a dramatic game-winning hit in the bottom of the 10th.

I can’t be the only one who feels like the Mets of a week ago would have never have gotten Granderson in from 2nd base. The other bonus to adding two capable players is that it allowed Terry Collins to put the entire lineup on notice: “Either hit or sit.” It’s so nice to know that Ruben Tejada going 0-a series will no longer be rewarded with additional playing time.

Now, with the addition of Tyler Clippard, Sandy Alderson’s 2015 responsibilities are almost complete. One more move for one more bat, maybe a Cespedes, Upton, or even Parra. After that, it will be up to the team, and fans won’t be able to say Sandy didn’t do his job. The best part of this Clippard deal is that the Mets kept him away from the Nats who were hot after him.

Boy it feels good to be buyers at the deadline for once. Now we know, the Mets are going for it in 2015. This is all we’ve asked for, and finally it is being delivered on. Settle in Mets fans, it’s going to be a great final two months of the season. Fred Wilpon is finally going to get those “meaningful September games,” and if we’re lucky, maybe a few meaningful October ones too.

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