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WATCH: Jenrry Mejia Dances Off Mound After Striking Out Brett Gardner


With the Mets holding on to a two run lead and Brett Gardner up as the tying run at the plate Jenrry Mejia, who was moved to the bullpen on Monday, was on the mound looking to send the game to the ninth inning.

Mejia, who has said in the past he does not like being a reliever, certainly showed he liked what he did in his first relief appearance by getting a huge strikeout of Gardner.

We have it in GIF and Vine form (The Vine has Gary Cohen’s call which is always fantastic)


That dance is off the mound is just priceless and we are sure ruffled a few Yankees fans jimmies along the way.

The Mets would go on to win 9-7 and the guy who got the win? Why it was Jenrry Mejia of course.

(H/T to the Vine of @PoppiKramer)

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