By: Ryan Kaplan

Which Outfielders Can The Mets Trade For?


With the deadline just only a few days away, the Mets could need one more batter that they can acquire through trade. Their are several players on the trade market that the Mets can take a shot at to improve their offense. Right now the Mets biggest need is an outfielder, so if they make a trade it’s most likely for one of the following players on struggling teams.

Jay Bruce- Cincinnati Reds Right Fielder

Jay Bruce is most likely available from the Reds, the 28 year old right fielder would be a great option for the Mets. He hits for power and would fit right into the cleanup spot. Bruce has 16 homers, which would lead the Mets. The Reds are currently in rebuilding mode, after trading their All-Star pitcher Johnny Cueto. This means that the Reds would most likely want a prospect for Bruce and not a veteran like Jon Niese. In my opinion, it would take a player like Brandon Nimmo to acquire or maybe Gabriel Ynoa. Overall, I think Jay Bruce would be a great for the Mets since he adds power to this team that doesn’t hit the ball over the wall too often.

Gerardo ParraMilwaukee Brewers Left Fielder

Parra would be another good option for the Mets, he’s 28 so he’s still young. He does play left field, however he is athletic enough to play center field too. Parra is having a good year, not amazing power but he does have some pop and he hits for average well. In the 2015 season he’s batting .318 with 9 HRs and 31 rbi. The .318 catches my eye since the Mets don’t need to score all of their runs through homers. If they can get people who get on base often, then the runs will come. Because of his average I would really like to see the Mets make a move for him. The Brewers are another team in rebuilding mode, so it would take a good prospect to get him. Most likely a player of Michael Fulmers quality.

Will VenableSan Diego Padres Center Fielder

Venable isn’t the best bat on the market, but if the Mets are looking for a cheaper hitter Venable is your guy. He’s not having a very good year with a .247 average, 6 HR and 23 RBI. It wouldn’t be a huge upgrade in center field, but he could be a replacement for Lagares if he decides to get elbow surgery. However, Venable can hit and field a bit, so he can be a cheap option for the Mets. It would take a low level prospect to get Venable to the Mets.

Carlos GonzalezColorado Rockies Right Fielder

Carlos Gonzalez is probably the best of the of these hitters, meaning he is going to be the most expensive of these hitters. He does play right field, but Granderson could shift over to center if the Mets ever acquired him. However, the Rockies may be waiting to deal him until the offseason. Their is still a chance he gets dealt and if he does it would take a couple of prospects to get him such as Fulmer and Nimmo. He would certainly be a great addition to this Mets lineup.


All of these four players are people who the Mets can trade for to bolster their lineup. In my opinion, Parra is the best option for the Mets considering he hits for average, and has some pop. Also, I like Jay Bruce too as he would provide middle of the order power to the Mets lineup.

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