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Who Bats Where For The Mets?


One of the more interesting debates that comes up around this time as Spring Training is coming to an end is what will the lineups look like for the upcoming season.

Now of course we don’t know about injuries, call ups, along with unexpected struggles and successes that happen each and every season.

The other thing that happens is that “Spring Training Superstars” get places in the lineup that normally they would not be anywhere near it.

This Spring has been interesting for the Mets because injuries to normal starters have kept them from fielding what would be their expected opening day lineup. Add to that the fact that Marlon Byrd wrestled right field away from his competitors when most thought he would platoon with Baxter and Jordany Valdepsin’s strong spring has given him a chance to be the left handed option with Cowgill as the right handed option in center field.

So with all things considered, the Mets perceived issues of a couple of outfield platoons has been reduced in half. Of course this is a franchise that used to have Carlos Beltran in center field. I miss those days.

Be that as it may, here are my ideas for the lineups against lefties and righties for the Mets in 2013 and the reason why I went in the direction that I did.

[colored_box color=”eg. blue”] Mets Lineup vs. RHP

1. Jordany Valdespin- CF
2. Ruben Tejada- SS
3. Daniel Murphy- 2B
4. David Wright- 3B
5. Ike Davis- 1B
6. Marlon Byrd- RF
7. Lucas Duda- LF
8. John Buck- C

Reason: Now I know that most of you probably did a double take when you saw Murphy in the three spot and Wright hitting cleanup. The reason that I did this was to breakup the potential of three lefty hitters surrounding Wright.

I always liked trying to avoid having two right-handers or two lefties hitting back to back, it keeps the opposing manager from making easy decisions on relief specialists late in the game. Murphy, being a contact hitter, could have some good RBI numbers in the three hole, especially protected by Wright and Davis.

It puts less pressure on Duda and slots Byrd nicely in between the two young lefties to force a potential lefty reliever have to face him late in a game. Plus with Buck hitting eighth, the power at the bottom of the order is better than in years past. More than Likely you will see Tejada hit eighth and Murphy move back to second on opening day, but I wonder how things would play out with this lineup instead.


[colored_box color=”eg. blue”] Mets Lineup vs. LHP

1. Collin Cowgill- CF
2. Daniel Murphy- 2B
3. David Wright- 3B
4. Ike Davis- 1B
5. Marlon Byrd- RF
6. Lucas Duda- LF
7. John Buck- C
8. Ruben Tejada- SS

Reason: The lineup you see is pretty much the lineup you would expect to see the first time a lefty takes the mound against the Mets. Other than Buck and Tejada at the bottom of the lineup, the lefties and righties are again separated.

I like the potential of a Cowgill-Murphy top of the order because they are grinder-types that can get on base ahead of Wright and Davis. I think having Tejada in the eight place in the batting order is good for him in this spot because he will see better pitches hitting ahead of the pitcher.

Speed is lacking in this lineup, much like in the other one which means getting hits with runners in scoring position will be key to the Mets success because there won’t be too many manufactured runs.


So those are my ideas for the lineups. I think they are bit outside the box, but I could have just done the normal lineup everyone else does and it would be boring. So, why not shake it up a bit?

So what do you think? What lineups would you have for the 2013 Mets?

Tell us in the comment section below.

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