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You Mad, Bro? Pirates Walk The Plank


From SB Nation’s “Bucs Dugout“:

  • “The Little Metsies are in a bit of a mess about now….”
  • “I live in NYC. And let me tell you, this city is throbbing with excitement over the debut of the new Mets hitting coach.”
  • Lagares=good at fielding”
  • Another warning track out for Cutch. Ugh”
  • “For a second I thought the Mets hired Dusty Baker for their hitting coach.”
  • “Baseball IQ Man. This team shows me they lack it every game.”
  • Marte has kind of been tickin me off lately”
  • “I sometimes get the feeling that Starling Is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But maybe it’s got more to do with language than anything else.”
  • “The Pirates have a lock on strange plays!”
  • “Citi Field is the anti Great American Ballpark. Almost nothing goes out. Nojinxnojinxnojinx”
  • “Would that make it….the Lousy American Ballpark?”
  • “Frickin 100 year old Abreu”
  • “I guess arthritis doesn’t really hurt bat speed.”
  • Generally, Greg Brown is decent with pronunciations, but he’s really getting under my skin with all this Lucas Doo-Dah. Dude must have Camptown Races stuck in his head.”
  • “The occasional 2 run bomb doesn’t seem like too much to ask for from Cutch”
  • “Any bomb from Cutch would be nice.”
  • “Russ swinging for the fences is getting annoying. I know I’m being overdramatic but it seems the last few games he’s up there swinging like he’s Babe Ruth.”
  • “Does Volquez always get hit this hard?”
  • “No. Normally he gets hit harder.”
  • “Terrible luck On batted balls tonight.”
  • “We might get a chance to see new Mets closer Vic Black. norain norain norain”
  • “unhitch the trailer a 40 yr old almost ran 90 ft faster than Ed running 45ft”
  • Would’ve been nice if he’d deposited that meatball hanging curve into the seats.”
  • “Vic Black time. Pls”
  • Nice job by Marte. Awful job by Collins here. You can’t have Niese face Marte there”
  • “This just in…Mets to fire pitching coach tomorrow.”
  • “Don’t you mean 8 minutes after the last pitch?”
  • “If Ike does anything …do fans boo?? lol…”
  • This AB will decide The Trade once and for all.”
  • The Mets totally raped us in that trade. Nutting is cheap.”
  • “Gomez sucks. Why is he still here?”
  • “Fuck you Gomez. Fucking chump”
  • “Hurdle. It really is amazing this guy win MOY last year.”
  • “Mets announcers Just said Tabata was “only 25 years old”.”
  • “Remember that this is the team with Colon and Abreu”
  • “Vic Black for Byrd. Loved Byrd but not a big fan of rent a guy for a month and give up a guy who throws 98”
  • “I’m not worried about Black. But losing Herrera still concerns me a bit.”
  • “Whoever worked on Black’s curveball deserves a raise.”
  • “Damn. This is pretty depressing. All the LOBsters”
  • “I guess tonight is not our night.”
  • “All 20 fans booed at once”
  • “hang it on the D. Mets came to play, no mistakes, and made the most of our errors”

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