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You Mad, Bro? Sox Put None On The Boooarrrrd…Yeeesssss Edition


From SB Nation’s South Side Sox Blog

  • “Alright actually on tap for this one. brent morel. Well this oughta be interesting.”
  • “Even Morel bats in front of Beckham. Yikes”
  • “So who will be the more Danksy of the two starters today?”
  • “I ate six tacos today. What are you doing with your life?”
  • “well that was killed quickly”
  • “No respect for Mushroom! Yahoo!’s box score has him listed as “unknown 3b”.”
  • “I’d prefer “painfully familiar 3b” personally.”
  • “it’s really off-putting how careful sportscasters are not to say butt. i’m not even looking for them to say ‘ass,’ like they want to. but can we please just say ‘butt?’ all this ‘bottom’ and ‘backside’ and ‘fanny’ really takes you out of the moment.”
  • “boy, can you imagine irate hawk dropping a BOLLOCKS!”
  • “yes, fans— i’m not shitting you– brent mofuckingrel”
  • “Well crap.”
  • “Alexi already eclipsing last years error total. WTF is going on with this team.”
  • “the guys who don’t stand on a little hill are all really bad at baseball. or was that rhetorical?”
  • “You gotta be bleepin me”
  • “Silence from the Hawk is golden.”
  • “allright, who can explain why our defense is so much worse than last year?”
  • “no one, it appears”
  • “‘Ive got a few ideas'” (Picture included in the comment)

  • “SNY has spent the entire inning talking about Bill Veeck. Photos, video clips, etc. Good stuff.”
  • “i would prefer that.”
  • “Yay for caught stealing ‘cause when you’re down by 3 runs, scoring the 1 will make a huge difference.”
  • “I would like to point out. This Mets team is not a good team.”
  • “Marcum was 0-9, he was bound to win one game this year”
  • “Alas, Marcum is not more Danks than Danks.”
  • “Godspeed Rick Hahn. You’ve got a long way to go. No one on this team right now gives a shit. Please get rid of all you can and start anew. Bring up the kids and let them play for their future, right now most of this team is looking for their future after baseball.”

From the Chicago White Sox MLB Forum

  • “Morel!! Really!!! I can’t stop laughing. Is Josh Fields next. I can’t stop laughing.”
  • “marcum’s fastball/changeup split is 85/81 mph. that’s funny bad.”
  • “Thunderous ovation to greet Morel.”
  • “He won’t trip over the pitcher’s mound while knocking over the first baseman to grab a pop up.”
  • “viciedo with another bone-headed play. this team is getting dumber.”
  • “the cubans are killing this team. sigh.”
  • “shawn marcum 0-9 coming into tonight. what a shocker this one is…”
  • “if this team gets shutout by shawn freakin’ marcum hawk might not speak for 2 weeks.”
  • “down 3 runs, alexei gets thrown out trying to steal 2nd. it’s almost like they’re going out of their way to play dumb baseball.”
  • “Alexie’s a one man wrecking crew tonight.”
  • “All Marcum needed was to face the Sox.”
  • “danks is such a loser. 1 ER??!!! go back to texas!”
  • “If the Sox lose to Marcum, tonight might be Hawk’s on-air heart attack.”
  • “Yes, in a game that the Sox scored 0 runs, the blame belongs to Danks floaters and the Ramirez error. Otherwise, the Sox win this one 0-0.”
  • “It was the Mets. Still a nice game. Opposition will look a lot different next week. O’s and Rays. Over on the Mets’s side they are praising Marcum but someone is sure to bring up it was the Sox. Two totally miserable offenses.”

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