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From SB Nation’s “Pinstriped Bible:

  • “yanks win 6-2”
  • “Alright, let’s get this trainwreck moving. Nuno’s ERA is due for a legendary regression anyways.”
  • “Vernon continues to be lost.”
  • “Wells is cooked”
  • “Awful offense is awful. News at 11.”
  • “Really? Marlon Byrd has two home runs this series? Marlon Byrd? For fuck’s sake.”
  • “oy.”
  • “Also, the Ben Francisco curse is real.”
  • “oh christ”
  • “Sitting in the bleachers last night was difficult with all the Mets fans. Seems like they came out in large bunches this year. That orange section in the grandstands was loud.”
  • “The 7 Line They’re travelling around everywhere I think.”
  • “Nuno looks like shit.”
  • Double play LOL”
  • “bucknerian”
  • “Shortstop, You’re doing it wrong.”
  • “Nice to see an appearance from the LOLMets
  • “I thought his head was going to explode”
  • “Come back Jeter”
  • This bottom of the lineup is painful.”
  • “geeeeeeezzzuussss”
  • “Only these Yankees make Herfner & Gee looks good”
  • “Why is he walking Lucas Duda?”
  • “You know what guys? This offense is not very good.”
  • “#analysis”
  • “Kinda OT: Yes Harvey deserves the hype. But the media is going to get way too enamored with him and expect the ridiculous.”
  • “When you throw 95 MPH the whole game that stuff happens.”
  • “this is some bullshit”
  • “Marlon Byrd. We are losing to Marlon Byrd.”
  • “The Mets. We are 9 outs from being swept in a four-game series by the Mets.”
  • “if this is how they “hit” off Dillon Fucking Gee what are they going to do against Lester and Bucholz?”
  • “Forfeit.”
  • “I step away for five minutes and Dillon Gee has 11 strikeouts. DFA everyone.”
  • “It would have been faster just to bean Wright.”
  • “why the hell would Collins take out Gee? Because of Ichiro?”
  • “I find Collins mixing and matching for Ichiro to be hilarious.”
  • “disgraceful”
  • “swept by the mets? really?”
  • “I’m gonna go bang my fucking head against the wall and see if I can forget this past week of baseball. DFA everyone.”
  • “Matt Harvey is a beast, but this Yankees line up just made Hefner, Niese and Gee look like legitimate major league pitchers.”


From MLB’s NYY Message Board:

  • WHO ARE THESE GUYS??? They can’t be the actual Mets…….”
  • “OUCH. This series has been terrible but that hurts a ton.”
  • “We better come back or this may be one of the most embarrassing series in a long time. Can’t even beat one of the worst teams in mlb. This is a f*cking joke, I wouldn’t be surprised if the red Sox’s kill us the way were playing.”
  • “He killed that muthha!”
  • “We obviously need to sign some of these guys away from the Mets……..”
  • “Gee whiz! :-)”
  • “Or our hitters really stink and have made all the Mets pitchers look good.”
  • “This is embarrassing. We should all become Mets fans.”
  • Joba is thinking about nachos.”
  • “Joba is one guy I would love to see gone. Send him to Pittsburgh. He’ll do great there.”
  • “So nice of the Mets to play for free”
  • I don’t get it. They need an enema or something.”
  • “Message to Mets fans:

Just feel happy you guys won and do gloat. Swept the Yankees. But of course that is not enough. You guys feel the Mets now “own” NY. You Met fans blow everything out of proportion. You guys don’t know how to win, cause you never do. I wish the Yankees had all thier starters this series…. but what can you do? It’s who the Yankees are at this moment and your team beat them fair and square. Be happy, but really don’t blow anything out of proportion. Stay grounded…. but then again you guys are Mets fans.”

  • “Incredible the confluence of asshole Mutts fans, Pretend Yankee fans, & ignorant trolls became one on this board in a gigantic circle jerk. JERK being the operative word! Have fun, little minds, The Yankees will soon be back in first place.
  • “This offense is the worst Yankees offense in the last 20 years.”
  • “career high strikeouts for Gee, This is hilarious!” “Girardi should be fired immediately if not sooner!!!!!!!!! This team is as emotionless and lifeless as their leader!!!!!! I cant take any more of this embarrassment!!! He has to go now!!!”

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