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The Young and the Restless


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

These days, with the mood around the Mets being so dull and somber, which seemingly started the day we found out that Matt Harvey was going to need Tommy John Surgery, us fans have become a bit delirious, and we’re growing quite tired of the antics of Mets’ management.

Today, the Mets announced their first non minor-league deal of the off season by agreeing to a 1-year $7.25 deal with Chris Young, formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Oakland Athletics.

Personally, I don’t get it. The Mets are supposedly trying to figure it out with guys who get on base and make contact, and Young represents the complete opposite. His best year was in 2010, when he hit 27 homers and drove in 91 runs, but he struck out 145 times. He also has a career .315 on-base percentage, which is only 10 points higher than Kirk Nieuenhuis. For $7.25 million when you only have around $20 million to spend? Not worth it.

I would have rather the Mets brought in Delmon Young, or maybe even Dmitri Young, the legendary Washington National. Maybe Thaddeus Young or Nick Young are looking for a sport change. Maybe they can convince Steve Young to try his luck. George Young could be the General Manager, while Sean Young could be hired in some capacity as well. Finkle or Einhorn?

Bottom line? This move better not prevent bigger moves from happening, because if Chris Young is the biggest move of the off-season, aside from announcing concerts, the sky may very well fall on Citifield.

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