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Does Wilmer Flores Have A Long-Term Future with the Mets?


Right now, the Mets are a fun team to watch, mostly because the fan base doesn't expect much. We're currently amidst a time of transition when we get to see some of the young guys and find out what everyone is really made of.

A perfect example of that is Wilmer Flores, who got the call because David Wright went down with an injury. While he's played well during his first week, you can bet his future, if with the Mets, is not at the hot corner. Speaking of betting, check out MLB betting at TopBet Sportsbook. So, if he isn't going to unseat David Wright, whom the Mets just gave a massive extension to, where does he go?

There are a few options.

First, he could move over to shortstop, but questions over his defensive range make that a strong unlikelihood. Ruben Tejada is collecting dust in Triple-A, but one would hope he would get another shot to reclaim his throne.

Secondly, there's second base, where Daniel Murphy currently resides. The Mets could move Murph to first, if they remain displeased with Ike Davis' overall projection, and create a hole for Wilmer. More likely to me though, is that Murphy is included in an offseason trade to acquire the impact outfield bat the Mets are desperately seeking.

The third option? It will make you cringe, but it's a possibility. If he builds value, the Mets can trade him, along with a young arm for the impact bat we are looking for.

The bottom line? We root for the kid, because if he performs, he will reward the Mets in some way or another.

What do you think the Mets should do with Flores? Tell us in the comments section below.


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