By: Michael Ganci

Ed Kranepool’s Number Should Not Be Retired


This morning, I read a post from NY Mets Report’s John Delcos and I felt compelled to respond.

The topic of the blog post was retiring numbers. People have been campaigning for Gary Carter, Mike Piazza and Keith Hernandez. Delcos suggests a man I haven’t heard brought up— Ed Kranepool.


There’s simply no reason for the Mets to retire his number. If they were to do so before Piazza, Carter and Hernandez, it would be a slap in the face. Sure, he was on the team from 1962 to 1979, which is impressive in itself, but he’s a classic compiler. In all that time, he hit .300 just twice and he never hit more than 16 homers in a season.

In his career as a Met, he hit .261 with a .316 on-base percentage, which doesn’t exactly sound like a number retiree to me. Piazza hit .296 as a Met, with a .373 on-base percentage. Hernandez hit .297 as a Met with a .387 on-base percentage. Carter hit .249 with a .319 on-base percentage. I have never been a fan of retiring his number either.

If you as me, there are tree men who should have their jerseys retired: Piazza, Hernandez and Doc Gooden, who had a record of 67-23 as a Met and set the club record with eight shutouts during the 1985 season and was a key cog in the World Series Championship team in 1986, along with Hernandez.

As for Kranepool? He has my respect as an original and lifelong Met, but he is not a hall of famer, and his number should not be retired.

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