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Gee Whiz That Was Painful! Tonight’s #MetsTwitterRecap

photo courtesy of @ReadTheApple

4/9 @Phillies lineup vs @Mets Revere CF Rollins SS Utley 2B Howard 1B Young 3B Brown LF Mayberry RF Kratz C Lee P

– MLBLineups (@mlblineups)
4/9 @Mets lineup vs @Phillies Cowgill CF Murphy 2B Wright 3B Buck C Byrd RF Duda LF Turner 1B Tejada SS Gee P

– MLBLineups (@mlblineups)

Burn it to the ground, Rach #LGM RT @RageWynn: We’ve arrived, Philly.

– Earl (@ttlsportsblog)

#DrunkIke is loving all this Bourbon talk right now #MetsTwitter

– METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11)

Here is to hoping GEE makes LEE look like PEE.

– Jill Norlander (@callyschknparm)

Serious question: Does Sandy Alderson wear sweater vests during the summer? Dude’s got to be sweating all the time.

– Steve Smistermet (@_mistermet)

@Jay_HorwitzPR: V” Assuming this is V for victory. Or simply a butt tweet. Either way…V indeed, Jay-bird. Rock on.

– Josh Lewin (@joshlewinstuff)

Now go kill yourself @gregpomes RT @ttlsportsblog: Miguel Bautista has made $47.5 mil in his career. Just think about that…#mets

– Scott (@Pilam76)

Yeah, it said Orange Swirl, but I had to ask the ice cream guy for 3 Orange Whips. Blank stare. Disappointing.

– Mets WFAN (@MetsWFAN)

It’s a three-book trip for Keith Hernandez. First up is “The Accursed ” by Joyce Carol Oates.

– Jay Horwitz (@Jay_HorwitzPR)

That’s my Murph…1st infield hit of the year….#speedsterMURPH #imwith28 #whyarentyou?

– Staci (@swirlywand)

Ho hum… Just another hit for John Buck…

– Andrew Vazzano @AVSNY

Professional fielder Michael Young covering the same amount of ground as a cactus.

– Mitch Rapp (@MitchNYM)

The Mets are hitting a lefty from the Phillies? No way.

– TheCatch2006 )@surfingthemets)

Gee, he works fast… #MetsPuns

– Kevin (@KVP_10)

I plan on disseminating the game I am DVRing tonight without express written consent. Come at me Sterling Mets.

– Mark Ethe (@TooGooden16)

8-pitch inning for Dillon Gee atta boy !!! #Mets

– Joey Stugotz (@JoeyStugotz6)

Can anyone confirm if Michael Young is using a glove tonight or if he’s just next to Teufel in the coaches box hoping to confuse runners

– Christopher (@ludichrisspeed)

gotta like john buck. when wright sought knife to open package, buck had 1. he said cheerily, “every team needs a redneck.”

– JonHeyman (@JonHeymanCBS)

Ryan Howard hits into the shift so much he activates Sticky Keys

– Bill Baer (@CrashburnAlley)

Posting pictures of empty baseball stadiums on twitter is the new posting pictures of food on Instagram.

– Joe Pontillo (@JoePontillo)

The fact neither Duda or Wright air mailed that those throws is slightly miraculous.

– E.J. (@TheHappyRecap)

2-0? Don’t worry. JV1 will hit a go ahead HR off Papelbum

– Christopher Gamez (@Metsochist4Life)

Gee’s throwing Bee Pee.

– Paul J. Festa (@pauljfesta)

Phils bat around up 4-0 still hitting with 2 out and 2 on…Gee getting roughed up

– Rich Coutinho (@coutinho9)

If Harvey were a true ace, he’d walk to the mound, take the ball out of Gee’s hand & then strikeout the side. #Mets

– Texas b’Ennet (@TexasBennet)

Ryan Howard gets first HR of the season. #PHILLIES up 5-0. And my full TiVo is calling for my attention!

– Mets Fan For Life(tm) (@MetsFanInPhilly)

Gee’s pitching well to start the game. Then my dad calls… all hell has broken loose. #WTF #Mets

– David Cancel (@dtmfr)

Can we borrow the mercy rule from the WBC? Gee might need it tonight.

– Matthew Artus (@matthewartus)

I hope we get to see Ike pitch tonight.

– Ben Yoel (@Ben_Yoel)

If Shane Victorino hits a home run I quit.

– Eric Simon (@AmazinAvenue)

Well…….at least this disaster of a Mets outing frees me up to watch the Knicks game

– KMB (@Cerebrum123)

Can the #Mets sign Desi Relaford to a one-day contract and bring him in to pitch?

– Ed Leyro (@Studi_Metsimus)

Its so bad, he cant spell Mets RT @KBurkhardtSNY: Phillies have 10 hits & 3 homers the last 14 batters vs Gee. 7-0 Phils over the Meta

– Matthew Falkenbury (@dailystache)

We Know RT @MartinoNYDN: Dillon Gee is a wonderful person. I’m just an uncontrollable jerk.

– Sam Newmann (@Crazy4NYSports)

What’s that old saying? Harvey, Niese, pray for two straight months of torrential rain until Zack Wheeler is no longer a super two?

– tc (@nymetropolitans)

Roy Halladay’s son just texted Dillon Gee and said you’re not my hero.

– Mestradamus (@Mestradamus)

RyHo is like “we up 7, why try?” Fat fuck

– Heather Nicole (@Lud_Bug5)

John Buck just ordered takeout from Oppo di Boppo two nights in a row. He must have a Buy 5, Get 1 free punchcard or something.

– Anthony DiComo (@AnthonyDiComo)

Jimmy Rollins needs to just………go

– Eddie Adlman (@EddieAdlMets)

John Buck is now creeping in on Jason Bay’s three year home run total with the #Mets #44

– Rob Patterson (@RobPatterson83)

Gee just texted me, “got a minute to talk?” I’m walking to the bathroom now to throw my phone in the toilet.

– MisterMet (@MeetMisterMet)

Can we clone Matt Harvey? Like 3 or 4 times? #mets

– Jamie (@YaGottaBKiddnMe)

I think Ronnie just called Strasburg a puss.

– Adam (@AdamMets)

So what channel are the knicks on?

– Steph (@whutyearisit)

halfway between 2nd and 3rd, Michael Young demanded a trade

– Matthew Callan (@scratchbomb)

I just turned the #Mets game on. Whoops!

– JLM (@mezzanine76)

Whoever said Ruben looks like Taylor Swift needs a roundhouse kick to the nuts

– Jill Norlander (@callyschknparm)

If you’re looking for a break from the Mets MLB Network has Padres-Dodgers, Dodgers feed. Can never get enough Scully.

– Eric Bienenfeld (@EricBien)

“people don’t realize the importance of balls. All the talent in the world means shit sometimes” #BackToYouGare

– Albert Aguero (@aaguero9)

You can’t make the worst outfield in the majors & then u prance and pose after a 3B down 8-2. Get a freaking clue

– Kevin Cooney (@KevinCooney)

Gary Cohen coming up with new polite ways to tell Keith Hernandez that Daniel Murphy is not all that good a hitter is a constant joy.

– Tim Marchman (@timmarchman)

Don’t worry, Wright will hit that elusive home run in like the 8th inning, with no one on base and down by 6

– James Gracie (@MidnightBashem)

Mike Pelfrey, pitching at Kansas City in his home state, allows 5 runs in first inning tonight for Twins.

– Adam Rubin (@AdamRubinESPN)

Even when John Buck pops up sky high, Chuck Norris is impressed

– Kirk Gimenez (@KirkSNY)

I want to sock every Met in the mouth right now. This is embarrassing.

– Eric P. (@EricTheMetsFan)

Philly thinks that since they over paid for Revere that somehow makes him better than he is

– Ty (@tysim19)

Is Rubin trolling Phillies beat writers? Nice.

– James Kannengieser (@jameskann)

Hey! That’s the ice cream I just ate a half of a half gallon of, drowning my #Mets sorrows!! #TurkeyHill #TheNatural

– SAM (@MetsMama18)

tell @JonHeymanCBS to unblock me.. i have something productive to say to him

– Dan Tanna (danXtanna)

put it in the garbage #mets

– METSKevin11 (@MetsKevin11)

Adam Rubin RTed my Phillies vomit tweet. I win Twitter tonight. Goodnight, everyone.

– Texas b’Ennet (@TexasBennet)


And my favorite for tweet of the night…


Not watching the game but from Twitter reaction we assume #JV1 hit a triple, whipped out his junk, and slapped Utley in the face with it.

– MetsOfficials (@MetsOfficials)

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