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Mets Bobbling in the Right Direction


The other night, many of us were lucky enough to get some insight on the behind-the-scenes in regards to the Mets, and it’s not easy coming up with different ideas to bring diverse audiences in.

Early in the offseason, it was announced that Boyz 2 Men, Austin Mahone, Huey Lewis and the News and 50 Cent would be performing post-game concerts at Citifield. You couldn’t get four more different acts.

There’s also going to be give aways, including shirts, calendars, posters, canvas prints, tote bags, batting helmets, loom bands, caps, cereal bowls (I’m serious), lunch cooler bags, magnetic schedules and more. There’s also banner day and the fireworks nights, but my favorite attraction is the bobble heads.

It starts with a 1969 commemorative Nolan Ryan edition on May 10. Curtis Granderson is officially welcomed to Queens with a bobble head of his own on Aug. 30, and Sept. 28 fitting features Fan Appreciation Day, as well as Casey Stengel’s bobble head.

Hopefully, these bobble heads will be bobbling in approval of an exciting Mets’ season.

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