By: Michael Ganci

Mets Need to Improve: Terry Collins’ Job May Depend on It


Although we’re only seven games into the season, there have been very few positives to see out of a 2-5 team that couldn’t hit their way out of a paper bag right now.

The biggest positive is Noah Syndergaard, who looks like a true ace, even drawing comparisons to Nolan Ryan by Keith Hernandez during his start yesterday against the Marlins. Unfortunately though, this team’s hitting has been inept, and not even a 7-inning, 12-strikeout performance was enough to earn Syndergaard a win. The bullpen gave up a run, and the Mets lost for the fourth straight game.

If you read #MetsTwitter, there have been a number of determinations made on the season already, including the following.

  1. Yoenis Cespedes is a waste of money
  2. Trade Matt Harvey
  3. Lucas Duda is a bum
  4. Mets should’ve kept Daniel Murphy instead of Neil Walker
  5. David Wright is done
  6. Granderson is looking old

There’s more, but you get my drift. If you want a clear path to depression, read the responses by #MetsTwitter on a daily basis.

One person who can not afford to have this go on for a month or two is Mets’ Manager Terry Collins. After the Mets shocked the world last season, expectations are high, and they should be. Collins, who’s up there in years, is not the long-term answer for the Mets at manager, simply because of his age. Before the season, we heard Dick Scott’s name mentioned as a guy the Mets think can fill the void one day.

One thing’s for sure — if Wally Backman was ever going to be the Mets’ manager, it would have happened already. If anyone wants to hire him, it will be another organization. The Mets have made it abundantly clear, without actually saying so, that they value him more in the minor leagues.

I am not saying Terry Collins is on the hot seat just yet, but if the next couple of weeks don’t start to improve, his seat could be getting warmer and warmer. Hopefully, it’s just premature speculation. Only time will tell.

If the Mets continue to struggle, should Terry Collins be on the hot seat?

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