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MLB Draft Day: Who Should the Mets Target?


Brandon Nimmo, the Mets top pick in last years draft from Wyoming

Tomorrow night, the MLB draft opens up. While some people are not big fans of the draft, I follow the prospects pretty close, so I am looking forward to watching at least the first night of the draft.

The Mets will pick 12th and 35th overall tomorrow night. The latter pick was part of the compensation the Mets received for failing to sign Jose Reyes. There are many players in this draft that I would be thrilled to see the Mets select, but there are also some players I would like them to stay away from.

Lucas Giolito: If Lucas is on the board when the Mets pick, I would be rushing to the podium to take him if I were the Mets. Giolito is the top high school pitcher in the draft, and at one point was considered to have a chance at being the number 1 pick. Unfortunately, an elbow injury and contract demands have been large concerns.

Courtney Hawkins: A high school outfielder from Texas, Hawkins reminds me of a Jason Heyward type prospect. Hawkins has 5 tool potential, but there is a good chance he will be off the board by the time the Mets are up. The Mets have been linked to Hawkins in the early draft rumblings.

Stryker Trahan: A high school catcher from Louisiana, Trahan has solid offensive potential and he is fundamentally sound behind the plate. Trahan worked out alongside some other prospects at Citi Field about a week ago. He would be considered a reach at pick 12, but if he makes it to pick 35 he should be the choice for the Mets.

David Dahl: Dahl is another high school outfielder who is said to have 5 tool potential from a corner OF spot. In fact, Dahl’s scouting reports look strikingly similar to last year’s top pick Brandon Nimmo who is slated to play for the Brooklyn Cyclones soon.

In addition, if Mike Zunio, Kevin Gausman, Carlos Correa or Mark Appel fall to pick #12, any of them would be an instant pick.  Now, onto who I would like the Mets to stay away from.

Devin Marrero: A shortstop from Arizona State, Marrero is a plus plus defender, but his bat skills do not warrant a 1st round selection in my eyes. Reminds me of a Ronny Cedeno type. Marrero has been linked to the Pirates at 8th overall.

Gavin Cecchini: Cecchini is a high school shortstop from Louisiana. He is an above average defender (not as good as Marrero) and had a decent bat (projected better than Marrero’s). Overall his ceiling is not as high as you would hope out of a top 15 pick.  Cecchini was part of the group that worked out at Citi field a week ago as well.

Overall, I would not be terribly mad if the Mets went ahead and selected one of these shortstops because our farm system is in need of a shortstop prospect. I just like the other prospects in this draft much better, and I do not believe you should draft for need in the MLB draft.

My gut feeling is that the Mets will go with either David Dahl or Gavin Cecchini with pick #12. But hey, anything can happen in a draft.

Check back later tonight for detailed breakdowns and analysis of the Mets two picks tonight.

Who do you want the Mets to draft tonight? Leave a comment or send me a tweet @tysim19.




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