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The Mystery of David Mark “Dav” Sorado


When the Mets drafted University of Baylor Left Handed Pitcher David Mark “Dav” Sorado in the 2010 MLB Draft, I really had high hopes for him.

Despite the fact that he was only a 30th round pick, I thought he was the perfect big, durable lefty to pair with Niese in the rotation.

His stats and scouting reports out of Baylor reminded me of a young Clayton Kershaw. Two lefties in the rotation sounded like a recipe for success to me.

I was furious when the Mets tried to turn Sorado into a closer. It was a waste of his high ceiling and talent level.

But, when he won 2011 Mets Minor League Pitcher of the Year, I was finally alright with the path the Mets were taking with Dav. It was only a matter of time that he would be locking down the ninth in Queens.

Then the shocker came. On June 4th, 2012, the Mets released Dav Sorado.

Why on earth would the Mets outright release one of their best sleeper prospects, just to let a team like the Dodgers scoop him up for nothing?

The hearts of Mets fan sunk, as the team once again let a future superstar slip through the cracks.

It stung even more that Sorado had so much success with the Dodgers. He made his MLB debut on July 4th of 2012 and he was dominant against the Diamondbacks as he went 5.1 innings allowing four hits, one run, no walks, and striking out 11 in a losing effort.

He was so impressive in both L.A. and after the Dodgers sent him back to AAA-Buffalo that the Marlins demanded he would be part of the package centered around Nathan Eovaldi that sent Hanley Ramirez to LA.

Now Sorado is back to starting with the Marlins, and he has pitched very well for them so far. He even got the win against the very team that drafted him on August 25th last year when he went six innings, allowing five hits, one walk, two runs, and struck out nine.

What sucks is that the Mets’ Scouting Department found this guy as a hidden gem, but instead of taking advantage of his talent, they let someone else utilize his unique ability.

How nice would it be to have Sorado in our rotation right now with Harvey, plus Wheeler and Montero on the way?

At this point, you are probably wondering, “I never heard of this guy before, just who in the hell is Dav Sorado????”. Well you are in good company, because many members of #MetsTwitter were asking themselves the same question late last night.

After our own Matthew Falkenbury aka @dailystache discovered this Wikipedia page detailing the career of unknown southpaw David Mark Sorado, much of #MetsTwitter actually thought Sorado was for real, including myself for a brief moment.

You know, except for the part where none of his story either makes sense, or is not stolen from the Wikipedia page of current LA Dodgers pitcher Shawn Tolleson.

Sorado’s page is just realistic enough to buy it for a quick second. Whoever created this  page did add in some allusions to actual Mets history, which makes this elaborate prank even more hysterical.

Take a look at the pitching line for Sorado’s MLB debut. It might just remind you of a familiar ace from New London, CT.

Whoever took the time to create this Wiki page (created on May 15th, discovered yesterday) is a pretty good troll. But let’s be honest here: If Dav Sorado was real, then maybe Scott Rice’s arm would be saved.

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