By: Michael Ganci

VIDEO: Phillies Horn Guy Plays Meet the Mets Outside of Citizens Bank Park


A man decked in a Phillies jersey turned heel this week, as he was spotted playing Meet the Mets after one of the Mets four victories in Philadelphia this week.

The man executed the song flawlessly, and even received three tips during his performance. At the end, he exclaimed, “I love New York…and Staten Island too!” Um, Staten Island is in New York buddy. You just ruined it. Check out the performance below:

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  1. Dave Schulps

    August 31, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    The “Meet the Mets”-Philadelphia connection goes way back. Somewhere between 1962 and ’64, Soupy Sales and his sons, Hunt and Tony, appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, where they sang, and this is true, “Meet the Mets.” Fast forward to c. 1970. Philadelphia-area native (Upper Darby, to be exact) Todd Rundgren had recently left his band The Nazz (“Hey, we’re The Nazz from Philadelphia, home of the the tuna fish hoagie, and we’re gonna play you a song called “Loosen Up”) and was working on his solo debut, Runt. His rhythm section for much of the album? None other than the aforementioned Hunt and Tony Sales (they later went on to do the same with David Bowie in Tin Machine, but the less said about that the better. Anyway, there’s your early “Meet the Mets”-Philly connection.

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