By: Michael Ganci

Why Do Mets Fans Hate the Yankees?


A lot of Mets fans you talk to (myself included) have a lifelong hatred for the Yankees.

Some of us would root for criminals above them, but many Yankee fans have asked me, “Why the hostility? We root for the Mets.” There are many reasons why Mets’ fans, especially those born post-1986 hate the Bronx Bombers…many of which are rooted in jealousy. While the Mets have gone through more years of turmoil than success, the Yankees have enjoyed multiple championships and a never-ending budget.

For me, it has a lot to do with the fans, particularly those who are friends and family. While the Mets lost, lines like “Let’s turn the Major League team on” really stuck in my craw. One of my favorite memories is when Matt Franco beat Mariano Rivera with a walk-off hit. Prior to the hit, the Mets tied it, and we picked up my sister and threw her in the pool. She locked herself in her bedroom prior to Franco’s hit, and we banged on the door, demanding she face the music when the Mets won it.

One of my most painful moments as a fan was at Game 5 of the 2000 World Series. My father and I were in the crowd as the Yankees celebrated on “our” field, and a 13-year-old me was seconds away from tears when we left Shea Stadium. The bottom line? The Yankees have had so much success, something I would stop just short of cutting my arm off for.

I know quite a few people who root for both New York teams, no matter if they’re Mets or Yankees fans. The thought is unfathomable to me. I pick one team, and through thick or thin, I stick with them.

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