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3 Things to Take into Account When Building Your Fantasy Baseball Team Wish List


The start of baseball season also triggers the start of the fantasy baseball season. One of the most popular fantasy sports games out there, the fantasy baseball season is an excellent way to engage further with the baseball season and learn more about your favorite players. It is also about being able to partake in some fierce competition with your friends to see who the best is at building a team using the talent that is out there in the big leagues.

If you would like to give yourself the best chances of taking the title this fantasy baseball season, there are a few things that you will want to consider as you research the best players. You should take the time to build a player wish list of sorts that you can reference during your league’s draft. As players are drafted, you can go down your list and choose the ones that you know will set you up for success.

1. Put Risky Players Lower on Your List

When you start looking into baseball stats from past seasons, you will realize how important these are. From the number of runs a team has scored to their batting average and the number of strikeouts, it is all important to know. Upon looking deeper into this, you might notice some players that could be considered to be “safe” and others that are “risky.” You might like the numbers that you see for some risky players, but their physical condition or other external factors might give you pause about putting them on your list.

While you won’t likely find much success if you don’t take a few chances with your picks, you don’t have to avoid the risky players altogether. Often in fantasy sports, it is such risky picks that pay off big time. Just make sure to use some safer choices in the early rounds of your draft so that you have a solid foundation on which to construct the rest of your team. The risky players should land lower on your list.

2. Pick Your Starting Pitchers Early

As you build your wish list, the first five or six names that you go with should include two top-level starting pitchers. The nature of the game at this point in history is such that only the absolute best pitchers really rack up the points. While there are a great many pitchers out there with talent, they just simply aren’t getting the opportunities to throw that the elite few are — plan to strike early by taking two top tier pitchers for your team.

3. Take Your League Rules into Consideration

When you are building your wish list, you will likely pour through a large number of stats and percentages trying to find the right players for you. However, you might be taking certain stats into account that will have no bearing. Make sure that you know exactly what stats are going to be used in calculating scores for your fantasy league. Some commissioners choose to omit certain stats. You don’t want to end up with players at the top of your list who were chosen based on statistics that won’t actually matter come the start of your fantasy season.

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