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Is Richard Sherman Right About the NFL Players’ Protests?


Many speculations are coming up after the silence of the Richard Sherman on Wednesday. His silence in front of the press has created many doubts and questions about his behavior. Why did he take such step? Why did he remain silent when all of the reporters were expecting a satisfactory answer? Is his silence connected to the NFL betting lines and NFL player’s protests?

Whatever the reason might be, it created many questions and doubts. When all are dubious about such behavior, Seattle Seahawks come forward to the defense of Richard Sherman. He gave the reason why he did not answer the questions of the reporters in the media session. Instead, he preferred to read a statement that says that the protests of the NFL players during the national anthem have been misunderstood.

The Stanford star and the former Compton Dominquez expressed that people should be concerned and talk more about the killing and the death of the people in the middle of a road instead of discussing the player’s behavior in the pregame ceremony. Why there are so many discussions about the raising fists, kneeling, or locking arms of the players, when many other important things are there for the attention. Whenever the players refused to stand during the national anthem, it gets the media attention immediately.

You can take the example of Colin Kaepernick. He did not stand during the national anthem and get the media attention and faced criticism for such act. Moreover, it sparked the protests across the NFL.

Sherman was not satisfied with such kind of behavior. As he says, he has done many community services. He dedicates a decent amount of the time, money, and energy to help others. He normally goes out and tries to help the needy, especially the kids. He teaches and inspires the kids to be the better person and to behave gently. There is no link between the humbleness and standing for the national anthem.

The views of the people are different for the different occasion. For example, he teaches the kids to act politely in front of the police. He teaches the kids to raise the hands and comply with the situation while dealing with the police. Even if they follow all these norms, still there is a possibility that they can be shot without any obvious reason. No one will feel bad for that and you cannot expect any positive outcome from this. This is the most unfortunate thing and time to live in.

He closed his statement with a clear message. He said that when others take the knee, you should ignore it completely. You do not need to be a patriot and you need to honor your flag in fear. He is not doing all these and he does not feel that you should do all these. He believes that this is a wrong trend and something needs to be done to change the mindset of the people. Instead of showing respect to the national anthem, you should think more about the other social problems that deserve urgent and immediate attention.

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