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I know David, I can't believe they forgot us too!

If you follow me on twitter (@dailystache) you know that I do not shy away from self promotion.

Like a carnival barker, I want everyone to know whats going on with the site, with the writers and what we think when it comes to the Mets.

One of the things I’m proud of is the fact that the Mets for the upcoming year, has included the Stache in its blogger outings.

The Mets PR people are really fantastic and through some persistent and sometimes…..dare I say, pushy? haha……..e-mails, I got the blog in on the fun.

I was invited to the Christmas party and got to meet all the other wonderful bloggers who are apart of the fun. Heck, without my Camera Battery, Mike Baron of Metsblog was pretty much screwed.

But this past Tuesday, I was shocked to see that those same bloggers had the chance to get on a conference call and interview Mets Manager Terry Collins.

I see this and I’m thinking, when the heck did this come about? Was I already thrown out? Did the Stache not do the handshake properly? Should I not have had Daniel Murphy talk to my mom on the phone at the Christmas party? (that didn’t really happen, but I almost asked lol.)

The point is that I was shocked and disappointed that I missed the chance to interview TC and get his thoughts on my question of choice.

I of course find out on Wednesday that it was nothing more than an oversight on the part of the Mets, no big deal of course.

The person whom I speak with in the PR department is so nice, I didn’t care…much….and I was assured that I wont be forgotten again…lucky for all of you of course!

So with the next blogger outing not coming down the line till later in the year, I felt that I should take full advantage of the power of the internet and use this post to ask my question to Terry Collins and then answer as if I was Terry Collins.

So, next on the conference call is Matthew Falkenbury of The Daily Stache….

Me: Hello Mr. Collins, Its nice to speak to you for the first time. I was just wondering, what is the one position battle that you are looking forward to seeing play out during spring training?

Terry: Matt, its nice to talk to you as well, and call me Terry. I would have to say that I’m looking forward to see how the catching situation plays out with Mike Nickeas, Rob Johnson and the others we have in camp to see who will be the backup for Josh Thole. Also, I must say how much I love your website, much better than the others.

Isn’t Terry Collins such a nice guy!? I think as a fan of the site, he should comment more on our stuff, but that’s a question for another day.

In the end, I have made sure that like on twitter with my constant promotion the New York Mets will never forget the Daily Stache again and I wont have to bother Terry Collins while he is reading his favorite website…..

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