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Upton Rejects Mariners, is There a Match with Mets?


UptonOne of the worst kept secrets in New York is that the Mets are in desperate need of an outfielder with major league talent.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are brimming with such players and have been trying hard to trade beleaguered but talented outfielder Justin Upton. Seems like a perfect fit, right?

Not exactly. The Diamondbacks are looking for major league ready players, the Mets don’t have a lot of hitters that fit that bill and after trading R.A. Dickey to Blue Jays, the Mets don’t exactly have a surplus of big league pitching anymore either. But as mentioned above, the Diamondbacks are motivated to move Upton. In fact, they did move him this week, agreeing to terms on a multi-player offer from the Mariners that would’ve sent Upton to Seattle.

But Upton has a partial no trade clause and the Mariners are one of the four teams on his list, so Upton turned down the trade. CBS Sports reports that the Cubs, Blue Jays and Red Sox are the other teams on that list. By process of elimination and cognitive reasoning I can then decipher that the Mets are NOT on Upton’s list and therefore can acquire Upton without his approval. With that in mind, I took to Twitter tonight to gauge what fans might offer the Diamondbacks for Upton if they were in the position of Mets GM.

The results of that question were mixed and can be seen below:

Wow, that’s a big offer and would probably get it done, but Wheeler is one of like four players I wouldn’t include in this deal. Upton is coming off a down year and the Diamondbacks are a little too eager to move him for me to part with the No. 2 pitching prospect in the game.


Flores is a nice starting point, but Mejia projects to most as a bullpen arm and Lutz isn’t much of a prospect anymore. Plus I doubt very much the Diamondbacks are seeking two third basemen.

You could’ve just said. “I don’t want Justin Upton.” Moving on…




The problem here is that the Diamondbacks already have too many outfielders, so it’s doubtful they’d want to take on a few fringy guys like Kirk and Duda. I do think Gee could factor into a potential deal though.

This seems to be on the right track, especially given the reported (Fox Sports) Mariners offer of Nick Franklin, Charlie Furbush and Stephen Pryor. But that package also included a choice of Taijuan Walker,  Danny Hultzen or James Paxton, Seattle’s No. 2, 3 and 4 prospects according to Baseball America. So the Mets might have to sweeten the pot a bit.

Got this one a few times and it’s pretty good, but don’t they have to wait a year after he was drafted to trade Cecchini?

Flores and Syndergaard are the right track, but I don’t think Duda is a good fit for a team that has Jason Kubel, a smaller, less defensively inept version of Duda.

These last four are all solid packages and I think out of the five names in total mentioned, there could be a deal here. Flores is a slight downgrade from Franklin, a shortstop who I covered in high school in Orlando. He’s the real deal, though, like Flores, he might not stick at short. Familia fits the bill of what they’d be looking for in Pryor. Then you put in a Fulmer or Syndergaard as the top prospect arm (or Nimmo if they’d rather an outfield prospect) and finally a Vaughn, Puello or perhaps a bullpen arm to match what they’d be getting with Furbush.

So what say you Mets fans? Is Justin Upton worth a three top 10 prospects and another player?

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