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You Mad, Bro? Mets Crush The Phils


From SB Nation’s “The Good Phight“:

  • Is the third base side of the infield a joke?”
  • First pitch to Wright was solidly on the outside corner but called a ball. Interesting to see if that is consistently called.”
  • I am so sick of those blue and orange guys”
  • Bartolo Colon is the fattest baseball player I’ve seen since Lamarr Hoyt.”
  • go Bobby A., go”
  • Of course it’s Bobby with a hit.”
  • Why the hell are you walking him again WTFH?”
  • To get to the pitcher. It’s tough pitching to .193 hitters.”
  • GTFO, 3-2 to Bartolo the Clown. 10 pitch AB”
  • Ffs. 9 pitches to get Bartolo Fucking Colon out.”
  • Matt Den Dekker just robbed Howard”
  • Baseball hates us.”
  • Nice catch by Dekker on that Ryan Dunn warning track power”
  • Maybe this game would sound better in Spanish.”
  • den Dekker – All Star”
  • “We miss you Shane. We really miss you.”
  • Hey, where did everybody go?”
  • Fell asleep?”
  • Colon’s 2-seam fastballs are consistently at 87 MPH. Isn’t that slow enough for some Phillies hits?”
  • The Mets Set a Record for Cheesesteak Eating in Philadelphia
  • On Saturday, they had a whole road trip in orange and blue. Chanting “Let’s go M_ts.””
  • the question is, does Jon Stewart know”
  • Probably sponsored it.”
  • Should have had that Benny.”
  • I think den Dekker catches that.”
  • “I KNOW den Dekker catches it.”
  • Everyone on the planet saw that at bat coming from David Wright.”
  • Hit a fucking bomb, Abreu.”
  • “Wow. And with that, the 2014 season is officially over.”
  • den Dekker going yard, because he can.”
  • This year’s Phillies could suck the life force out of the galaxy”
  • OMG! Aumont warming up in the pen. WE are DOOMED!”
  • “Bartolo Colon owns the Phillies. Sad.”
  • “I really don’t appreciate MLB…scheduling so many Hall-of-Fame starting pitchers against us. One after another….”
  • Diekman facing Wright. This will be painful to watch.”
  • Good night all. I cannot watch this team anymore tonight.”
  • What a circus.”
  • Mercy rule?”
  • Bright side: no extra innings.”
  • This was fun.”

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