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Who Needs Wins When You Can Grow Your Scoreboard?


Wins? A major league shortstop? Another lefty in the bullpen? Who needs any of that when you can have a new larger scoreboard in Center field?

That is basically the message the Mets have sent to their fans, while the Nationals are signing elite pitching and making moves that puts them ahead of any lineup the Mets can bring out, all Mets fans get is a scoreboard 65 percent larger, joy.

Once again instead of improving the actual team, the organization has put out distractions and adjustments to try and distract fans from the fact that payroll has barely been increased and the bare minimum has been done to improve a team that has not seen the postseason since 2006 and not had a winning season in the last five years.

This is just the most recent move done by the team to try and distract fans from the obvious. In the past it has been making Citi Field look like the actual home of the Mets and not the Dodgers, moving the fences (twice), setting up a concert series during the year, bringing the 7 Line company from an outside group of fans to setting them up inside the stadium or any other minor league ball type attempt to excite fans.

The fact is it means very little until this team takes a look at the roster and makes the improvements that have been needed for several years now.

Maybe if the Mets increased their payroll half the size they are increasing their scoreboard fans would rather spend money on tickets than they do on billboards.

Perhaps if Sandy Alderson can finally act as a major league GM and trade for major league players and not just trading away our talent for prospects we only hope can make it at the major league level this fan base would not be turning at each other in blogs and social media.

I guess until then we will just have to sit back and enjoy highlights on a 65 percent larger screen of the Mets leaving two men on in a inning and blowing a one run lead for a starter after a quality start as we have been so accustomed to at the ever changing Citi Field.

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