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Mets and Islanders Are Alike


Many of us Mets fans probably have had the luck of growing up rooting for another blue and orange team, the New York Islanders.

For the first time in a long time the Islanders are having the success that many of us never would have thought be possible and it has mainly been done in a similar approach the Mets are trying to take but similar to what the Islanders front office has done this previous off season, now the Mets need to make that next step.

Both teams have spent many years at the bottom of the standings and as a result have been drafting top talent and bringing that talent along until it is ready to blossom and the major league level. From the John Tavares to Kyle Okposo or many of the other young players they are all hitting their stride similar to many of the young players the Mets have in starting and key roles going into 2015.

The difference is that the Isles for the first time in a very, very long time went out and made trades and signings to bring in the veteran talent to take the team to the next level.
Starting with a trade for now all star goalie Jaroslav Halak who had an expiring contract, Islanders GM Garth Snow took the risk made the trade and then got him to sign a long term deal to be the new goalkeeper for the islanders.

Snow was not done their trading right before the season began for Johnny Boychuck and Nick Leddy who have been instrumental in the Islanders new look defense.

If the Mets want to take that leap and enjoy the success that their hockey counterparts are having, Sandy needs to take action to compliment this young team and take some chances.
The Mets have a top of the line rotation, an all star third and second basemen and two young position players in Juan Lagares and Travis D’Arnaud who could become special players in the next few years.

Snow traded for Halak and Boychuck without knowing if they would sign deals moving forward with the team but rolled the dice and with Halak locked up and Boychuck open to a new deal, the idea that Mets should not go after Ian Desmond because he “may not sign back here” is a flawed reason.

The Mets can be on the verge of a special year but a move such as taking a chance and make a move for a SS is something that needs to be done to do so, otherwise it can be another mediocre year out in Citi much like it has been for so many years at the Coliseum.

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