By: Joe Messineo

4 Possible Landing Spots for Free Agent Daniel Murphy


Daniel Murphy was the talk of the playoffs in 2015, when he set a new postseason record for consecutive games with a home run. Now he’s the talk of the offseason. Some teams believe that Murphy is overpriced, pointing to his suspect defense, but one team or another seems certain to pay the man. Who will it be? Here are the four favorites to sign the mighty Murph.

Colorado Rockies

The Rockies were the first team to be connected to Murphy this offseason, with rumors indicating that he could be headed to Denver to play first base. It’s a decent fit, because Murphy appeared to find his power in 2015 and the Rockies play in a very hitter-friendly environment over at Coors Field. The Rockies aren’t likely to be very competitive in 2016, though, so it’s interesting to see them shopping in the possibly-overpriced free agent section. On the other hand, Murphy may be worth more in a place where more of his hits become home runs.

Los Angeles Angels

The Angels could use help at both second and third, both positions that Daniel Murphy can play. The Angels have a history of targeting big-time free agents (a tendency that isn’t likely to change anytime soon, given that it’s understood to come from owner Art Moreno, not now-departed GM Jerry DiPoto), so a Murphy signing would make sense with their MO. The Angels have the best player in baseball (Mike Trout) and are determined to stay in win-now mode, so they’re unlikely to cheap out this offseason. There are other free agent options (including former Angel Howie Kendrick), but Los Angeles is a fairly likely destination for Murphy.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers used Chase Utley at second last season, but he’s a free agent this offseason and won’t necessarily be back. The Dodgers’ new answer at second may come in the form of another NL East second baseman. Murphy can play both second base and third base, so he would give Los Angeles a little depth at some of their key positions. It’s not yet clear whether the Dodgers would prefer to re-sign the aging Utley – their decision may depend on their budget – but one way or another, they could help set the market for Daniel Murphy. They’re the highest-budget team considering him (the Yankees have said they’re out), so their decision will have implications for his market value.

New York Mets

The Mets have long maintained that they’re not in the market to re-sign Murphy – at least not at the price he’s likely to go for. But that may be changing, according to some recent reports. Mets beat writers have said that the Mets will make a “legitimate bid” for Murphy’s services, and there’s apparently a belief within the organization that Murphy may take a small discount to stay in New York, a place he’s known to love. Plus, the Mets are the only team on this list that wouldn’t have to give up a draft pick to sign Murphy – though, of course, they wouldn’t enjoy the extra one that will come their way if any other team signs him.

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